Minute Rice® Premium Instant Long Grain White Rice

4.7 5 0 183 183 Ready in just 5 minutes, Minute Rice® Premium Instant Long Grain White Rice makes it easy to get your favourite side to the table faster.
Minute Rice® Premium Instant Long Grain White Rice


Very good in a hurry
This rice cooks perfectly every time I make it. Its perfect for when I work a long shift and just want to throw something together quickly for dinner. I have never had a batch turn out badly.
The good ole days
Ahh yes minute rice! Takes me wayyyyy back! Add a little ( a lot in my case!) Butter and ohhhhhh!!! Yummy
Minute Rice® Premium Instant Long Grain White Rice
Takes way less time to make and is so easy! I don't always have the time to make regular rice! Having minute rice helps speed things up when I am in a hurry. Tastes just as good as regular rice.
Always a great standby side
This is my trusted go to when I need a side dish to finish off a meal. Whether doctoring it up or keeping it plain, always a good choice.
Fast and easy
Minute rice is perfect for a fast easy add on to dinner. Tastes great my whole family loves it.
This is how I remember it from childhood
We love rice in our family. I seem like the only one who can make it without a rice cooker and not burn it. I was excited to have my kids learn about the rice I grew up eating and was hoping they could make it themselves when I'm at work. I mean after-all, they are teenagers. It's just as I remember it from childhood. Dull, dry and split grain. I was not impressed that they haven't improved the product in 45 years. Now, I would use this if we were having a BBQ in a park and needed to make rice on a grill or something like that. I wouldn't recommend this for everyday use though.
Dinner ASAP
Perfect for a busy night when you need dinner on the plate asap. Cooks evenly and I prefer it over regualr rice.
Gets the job done
When you're just looking for a quick cheap filling side, this is perfect. It's unflavored so you'll have to do a bit of fixing it up to get it to taste better. But, it's minute rice.
Ready in no time
Cooked in just a minute, wasn't soggy or uncooked. It was just right. The rice might have been a bit sticky, but loosened right up with a little olive oil. When you need rice quickly, this will do the trick.
good rice
its fast easy good taste i liked it alot any one can do this dont need to know how to cook i use it alot
i have tried this and i thought it was quick and easy to make and it was very good. it cooked up nice and fluffy.
Minute Rice® Premium Instant Long Grain White Rice
Rice makes for a great side dish to practically any meal and as a great conduit for delivering flavor through sauces. My family enjoys rice and compared to the typical 20+ minute cook time of traditional rice, this offers a great quick alternative without sacrificing on flavor and texture. As I mentioned, the cook time is much quicker than traditional rice at only five minutes, saving you about 75% on cook time. The only downside I can see to this product that it is more costly than traditional rice products, so if you do have the time to cook the traditional rice, then I would advise it, but if you're strapped on time, then this is a great quick alternative, thus my giving it four stars.
Fast and Simple
This is one of my Go To's! Very fast and simple to cook and it tastes great! It's not too sticky like some rice comes out. This is something I always like to have in the kitchen.
weekly staple
love this product have been using for a while now. works great for me and my husband to make up and use as the base for our lunches during the week at work. kids also like to take it in there lunch as well
Goes with so many things.
I prefer white rice over brown rice and really enjoy using Minute Rice. It takes a little longer but not long to cook and well worth it. I love the taste and the rice goes with most anything!

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