M&M'S Fudge Brownie Sharing Size Chocolate Candy

4.5 5 0 733 733 Experience everything you love about homemade brownies without even turning on the oven. Introducing M&M'S Fudge Brownie Chocolate Candies. These innovative treats have delightful notes of freshly baked brownies in a fudgy, chewy center, no baking necessary. With a colorful candy shell, these bite-size pieces are made for sharing. Stock up on tasty chocolates to enjoy on the go, as an after-dinner dessert or as a midday treat at the office. Whether you unveil these delicious M&M'S Chocolate Candies at movie night or pass them around the break room, everyone will be delighted to taste the pure bliss that is the soft, chewy texture inside M&M’S Fudge Brownie Chocolate Candies. There’s plenty of flavorful brownie taste to go around. Fill the candy bowl at the front desk or stock up your pantry at home so you never run out of this unique M&M’S Candy flavor.
M&M'S Fudge Brownie Sharing Size Chocolate Candy


Not as good as the original
They are good, but cant compare to the original and do not taste like brownie. I do like how squishy they are... They could use more brownie flavor. My 4 yr old thinks so too and he really likes M&Ms
Just average
I actually prefer the regular m&m’s over these because I don’t think they taste very different. Like you can tell that it’s more of a fudge chocolate taste, but I wouldn’t recommend because they aren’t different enough from the regulars in my opinion. It’s not that they are bad or anything even close to that, they just aren’t special in my opinion & I think there’s so many other ways that they could have made these 100x better.
Just for me!
These fudge M&Ms are too good to share! With their subtle fudge texture and flavor, it’s a wonder that any bag could survive for long with me around! Simply a delicious treat that most any chocolate lover may enjoy!
Great Textures
The outside crunch from the candy shell pairs so well with the soft brownie center. It makes these candies impossible to put down.
The are good
They taste good and I like the chewy center. I ate a whole bag by myself in about 3 days.
So good
These are amazing. I still like the peanut butter ones. But these are def second on the list. A legit brownie on the inside.
genuinely taste like a brownie with brownie like texture inside, very good!!
Excellent product. Excellent flavor and excellent quality
So addictive!
Just asking for trouble!! These are so delicious, I can't even eat regular M&Ms anymore! I am now buying the huge bag & hiding them!!
Not really brownie like enough for me. Too similar to regular m&m’s. Kind of a let down after so many other fun flavors and textures from m&m.
Best M&M's
These are hands down my favorite m&m's!! They have the crisp candy coating I love and a chewy brownie inside. I love the way they taste fudgy like a brownie.
So, so, so good!!
These m&ms taste amazing. They actually taste with brownies, just as advertised!
Dangerously good
These are dangerous 😳 I can sit with these and gobble the whole bag up by myself!! I love that the bag is resealable if I do get the willpower to set them aside. Can't go wrong with M&Ms originals, with a fudge brownie taste it's even better! Love these.
Very chocolatey
These are pretty good. But be prepared for a lot of chocolate. The fudge inside has a good taste. It just seemed overpowering to me.
Excellent candy
Wow 👏these m m are so uniquely creative. They taste like real thing. Would eat them watching movies. Great for sharing

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