M&M'S® Milk Chocolate Bar

4.7 5 0 306 306 Creamy, smooth milk chocolate sprinkled with M&M'S® MINIS Milk Chocolate Candies creates an irresistible crunch that, well, raises the chocolate bar to an M&M'S® level
M&M'S® Milk Chocolate Bar


Fun New Chocolate Bar
I think this is the best new chocolate bar to hit the shelves, it translates the classic M&M Taste and it's so fun with the texture.
I can just eat all day chocolate Especially milk chocolate And even more M&m chocolate I can eat the whole thing at once
I love this candy bar I usually can't decide about whether I want a crunchy candy or chocolate bar and I have both if them all together. Totally ty recommend
These are... AMAZING!
I was so excited to try. Ever since they discontinued the amazing bars, I've been looking for something similar. But surprise, I never found it, until a few years later these came out! While they are a little different, they are mostly similar. Perfect balance of chocolate and minni M&Ms! A must have for sure.
This candy bar is so good! I love the mix of chocolate and m&ms. It’s the perfect treat for when you are craving chocolate or something sweet! I would recommend this to a friend!
I absolutely loved sharing this with my family! They tend to be picky so I wasn’t sure when I picked this but everyone loved it!
Creamy chocolate with a kick
I love M&M and this chocolate was very creamy and it had a kick to it because it had the mini m&m. We all love it at home.
Great Idea
I love M&Ms and I was so excited when they came out with a candy bar. I got one on my own in the Vegas store and not through HTC. The differing textures were so complimentary of the flavors and I love all the other ones they have too.
Good snack
If you want a snack this is the perfect one.
I loved this
My local grocery store only had these for a short period around Christmas, so I only really got to try one of these once, but I really liked it. Something about the M&M's really added the much-needed textural experience while also keeping the mostly-chocolate experience. (As opposed to adding nuts, which kind of changes the flavor.)
Not my favorite
I like melt in your mouth chocolate and I think that having the m&Ms inside of a chocolate bar kind of ruin that for me. I love both, but I actually prefer eating the m&Ms and the chocolate bar separately rather than all mixed into one.
So delicious!!
I love m & ms and these are so delicious, they taste good!!
If you like m&m and chocolate, you have to try this ! It's very different but it tastes great.
This candy bar is delicious...so go get you one if ur a chocolate lover
Mini M&Ms for the Win
If you love the taste of mini m&ms you need to try this candy bar out. I saw it while I was in a store and had to put it in my cart. I love the way mini m&ms tastes so when it's inside this chocolate bar it's even better. The bar is also really big too which is great.

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