M&M'S® Milk Chocolate Bar

4.7 5 0 299 299 Creamy, smooth milk chocolate sprinkled with M&M'S® MINIS Milk Chocolate Candies creates an irresistible crunch that, well, raises the chocolate bar to an M&M'S® level
M&M'S® Milk Chocolate Bar


Great Idea
I love M&Ms and I was so excited when they came out with a candy bar. I got one on my own in the Vegas store and not through HTC. The differing textures were so complimentary of the flavors and I love all the other ones they have too.
Good snack
If you want a snack this is the perfect one.
I loved this
My local grocery store only had these for a short period around Christmas, so I only really got to try one of these once, but I really liked it. Something about the M&M's really added the much-needed textural experience while also keeping the mostly-chocolate experience. (As opposed to adding nuts, which kind of changes the flavor.)
Not my favorite
I like melt in your mouth chocolate and I think that having the m&Ms inside of a chocolate bar kind of ruin that for me. I love both, but I actually prefer eating the m&Ms and the chocolate bar separately rather than all mixed into one.
So delicious!!
I love m & ms and these are so delicious, they taste good!!
If you like m&m and chocolate, you have to try this ! It's very different but it tastes great.
This candy bar is delicious...so go get you one if ur a chocolate lover
Mini M&Ms for the Win
If you love the taste of mini m&ms you need to try this candy bar out. I saw it while I was in a store and had to put it in my cart. I love the way mini m&ms tastes so when it's inside this chocolate bar it's even better. The bar is also really big too which is great.
Unique chocolate bar
I like M&Ms. So I found this hidden gem in the M&M world. They are actually unique and tasted pretty good. Great for chocolate lovers. I can't finish the entire bar so I shared with my husband. Kinda wish they had it more easier to break into squares but other than that I'd buy these again.
Lower than my expectations
Upon seeing this, it looked so deliscious on the shelf so I had to pick it up. Unfortunatly it did not meet my expectations, but that does not mean it was bad! It actually was quite good, just not with enough m&ms in it!
M & M Chocolate Bar
I love chocolate, almost anything chocolate. I prefer peanut M&M's. I would rather eat my M&M's alone and not with a bar.
My teen boys and I all love these bars! It is a chocolate bar and M&M's all rolled into one. What is there not to love...
I was so excited to see m&m added this back on the market! They’re so delicious and the chocolate is the perfect amount of creamy.
chocolate bar
This is a new and different product. Has a great taste.
Chocolately delicious!
If you love a chocolate bar and also the great taste of M & Ms, this is for you! Perfect combo!

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