4.8 5 0 138 138 Muscle out tough messes with 3x the cleaning power vs. the leading All Purpose Cleaner bleach spray on kitchen grease
Mr. Clean® Clean Freak Mist with Wild Flower
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Mr clean
Mr. Clean Clean Freak Mist with Wild Flower. This works well for cleaning countertops
Limpieza y frescura
Muy bueno,buena calida,tiene fragancia,excelente,lo recomiendo à todos
Cleaning made easy
The spray, one pump covers large area. Very please that this cleans stainless steel with ease. Very please with this household cleaning product.
Mr clean
This worked well for cleaning my shower and countertops. It’s easy to use and the smell isn’t overpowering. I let it sit for about thirty seconds then wiped shower down and it came clean easy!
Easy clean
I love how this misted out when you squeeze the handle. It saturates the surface much better than other products and the clean smell is wonderful. It does a great job of getting my tub and sink sparkling clean.
cleans without the elbow
this product is easy to use with the two options for spraying. spray leave on a bit and scrub or spray and wipe clean.
I love this!
I love these! Works great in the kitchen, bathroom, basically anywhere! I love that you can hold it down and it keeps spraying. Scent is great and make my entire house smell clean!
love this product
love how the bottle sprays so easy and smells so good i’ve bought this multiple times because it cleans so well on all my surfaces
It's super easy to use I love the bottle shape and smell. Its wonderful and works like a charm
This product sprays in a pump type action, you squeeze the trigger and it let's out a set amount; that amount continues going until fully released. The cleaning solution is not as strong as using the magic eraser with water but is handy to get into tight places and the scent is not overwhelming. I will not repurchase this cleaner but I will continue to use it.
Mr Clean, Mr Clean
I really enjoy cleaning using Mr. Clean's Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist. Great bottle design. Very easy to use. Does not leave a residue behind. Simply spray the area you are cleaning and wipe with a cloth or paper towel. Easy as that & leaves the house smelling fresh and clean
My New Favorite
Mr. Clean Clean Freak is amazing! I've found that it will clean most anything with ease especially things other cleaners will not. It is so easy to use because you spray it on and then simply wipe it off with a cloth or paper towels, no rinsing necessary. I does not leave a residue either. I have tried all the scents available in my area and love them all. I will absolutely buy this again and would not hesitate to recommend it.
New FAV!
The Mr. Clean Deep Cleaning Mists have replaced my old standby all purpose cleaners over the past year. I LOVE them. They work so well and smell great and the nozzle is incredibly well designed. Makes more of a difference than you would think! I have most of the varieties of this spray and I love them all.
Great smelling cleaning product
I simply loved the effectiveness of this Mr Clean product. I have previously tried the Mr Clean erasing sponge for my grimy bathroom. But I liked this product as well- it smelled nice which is an added bonus and did a great job .!re
Love it!
I love Mr. Clean products. This bottle is great because it has a continuous spray nozzle and doesn’t hurt your fingers/hands when spraying. This fragrance is also great.. Not too overwhelming or too strong. I feel safe using this around my toddler & my pup also! I feel that my surfaces are extra clean after using this product! I definitely recommend!!

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