Mrs. Meyer's Fabric Softener Rosemary

4.4 5 0 70 70 Give your clothes a little extra care with Mrs. Meyer''s Clean Day Rosemary Fabric Softener. This environmentally-friendly, biodegradable softener is concentrated, so a little goes a long way.
Mrs. Meyer's Fabric Softener Rosemary


I love Myers softener it keeps the clothing smelling fresh for 21 days. It smells great highly recommend this product
5 stars!
Mrs Meyers is a go to in my household! You won’t be dissatisfied! I love the scent options and and pleased with how my clothes feel!
Love it!
Mrs Meyer's is a go to product in this home, and we love the fresh scent, and way it makes our clothing feel right out of the dryer. I look for and use as many of their products as I can find, and while they do cost a bit more, you get what you pay for. I highly recommend Mrs Meyer's to everyone!!
Meyer’s fabric softener
Every time I’ve used it, it left clumps all in my clothes whether I used warm or cold water and rinsed twice and had to rewash all over again every time I would not recommend it. And yes, I placed the softener in the appropriate place in my washing machine.
The best
The Mrs. Meyer's Fabric Softener Rosemary is simply the best. You use very little and it goes a long way. I love that they don't use harsh chemicals or dyes. I feel good about using this for myself and my family.
Mrs. Meyers is our #1 go-to
I love this fabric softener by Mrs. Meyers. As with all of the products that are put out by the Meyers brand, this one is very high quality. The scent is light without overwhelming my nose as with other products in this category. A little goes a long way and while some say its expensive, I say not really because you get more results with less product.
Better for the environment?
I got this as part of a gift basket, and I have to say it worked well. It advertises that it is better for the environment, but 100% sure how exactly. My clothes were soft with a subtle scent, recycleable packaging.
Fabric Softner Rosemary
I love trying out cleaning products because I clean constantly every week. I have three children and two dogs so the house is always messy. These products are always a must try. Although I did not like how much quantity I had to use in one load, I thought it was ok. Meyer
Natural and smells great
I love that Meyer's Laundry Softener is free of harmful chemicals and colors. It's a but expensive, but it works great - leaving clothes soft, and smelling nice. The Rosemary scent is so different than most perfumy products. I will buy this again.
Best Laundry Products
I LOVE Mrs. Meyer's EVERYTHING. Their fabric softener smells amazing just like the rest of all their products. I always use Meyer's detergent first then add the softener- a little goes a long way. Your clothes are left smelling SO REFRESHING and they stay fresh. Plus I always feel better about myself when I find "clean" products that I generally love.
By far the best
This fabric softener helps keep your clothes soft and smelling fresh all day. I also really enjoyed the light scent of roses. Myers is just an all around great brand of products and I honestly highly recommend all of them. Forgot to mention they are also a organic company which is wonderful for man kind.
Concentrated, smells good
Like all the Mrs. Meyer's products I have tried, it is great. Concentrated but with a very nice aroma. You use less than regular fabric softener so even though the bottle size is still get many loads.
Smells so good
This is my favorite scent from Mrs Meyers! a friend of mine bought it for me and I was skeptical at first, but oh my goodness it smells so good!!! and I love that there's no residue. I would definitely purchase.
Great for sensitive skin
I have trouble finding scented laundry products that don't irritate my sensitive skin. Mrs. Meyers is the best of both worlds. Smells great and doesn't effect my allergies or sensitivities.
Love it!
A great smell that lasts on my clothes for weeks. It makes them soft and there is no static cling. Plus Meyer's products are gentle on my skin so wearing clothes laundered with Meyer's products insures I won't suffer an allergic breakout like other products full of chemicals.

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