4.5 5 0 14 14 Mtn Dew Zero Sugar Zero Calorie Dew is now available. The product retails in a 144 -fl. oz. recyclable pack containing 12 x 12-fl. oz. recyclable cans.
Mtn Dew Zero Sugar Zero Calorie Dew
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Mt Dew
Regular Mt. Dew is my go to beverage. When I bought Mt. Dew Zero by accident I was shocked by how much it tastes like the original. Hardly any difference!
Tastes so good. Tastes like the regular one if not better!
we love Mt. Dew in my house. my husband likes it more than the kid . the dark pop gives him a stomach ache.we're both diabetic here , the only thing i could improve is more diet flavors !!!!
I hate the smell and it tastes god awful never found out why others seem to love it. Never I. A million. years would I buy this
Omg omg omg.....
I LOVE LOVE this zero sugar mt dew. However, I am constantly disappointed when no stores ever have it in stock
Good Taste
I actually bought Mountain Dew Zero by mistake. I usually buy the original Mountain Dew. When I opened the bottle and took the first taste I noticed it tasted it a little different. Not a bad taste, just different. When I finished my 12 pack I did go back to the regular Mountain Dew though. I prefer sweet drinks but this was a great substitute.
Mt. Dew Zero Sugar
I have tried the Mt.Dew Zero Sugar. I really like it. Great taste! I will be buying more.
Zero is Awesome!
Mt. Dew Zero is wonderful! It tastes just like regular but without the sugar. It doesn't leave an after taste like the Diet either. Never burns my empty stomach like the diet can. It's hard to buy since it's the first of the Mt. Dew products to be sold in our local grocery store. Definitely recommend this to everyone!
Pretty good
The zero sugar is as close as you can get to the taste of a regular Mtn Dew. I wish they'd make a Code Red version because the red is my favorite flavor!
I tried mountain dew zero to cut back on my sugar intake. I have to say it actually taste very similar to a regular mountain dew except with a little smoothness to it.
Mountain Dew
Mtn Dew Zero Sugar Zero Calorie Dew is my favorite
Love it
I have been drinking this seems like forever. I love mt dew!!!!!
Love it
I have been drinking these for half my life and I love them, please continue to make it awesome!
Closer to the real thing.
I no longer drink soda that isn’t diet. This MTN Dew Zero is as close as my tastebuds have came to tasting a no sugar alternative to a real MTN Dew. I would recommend this to diet drinkers who miss Mountain Dew.

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