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Multi Grain Cheerios Gluten Free Cereal
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Glutten free cheerios
My daughter has celiac disease and must eat glutten free foods. She really likes this cereal, we will continue to buy this product.
Tastes Good!
I must say this cereal tastes good. I should avoid this cereal due to the amount of sugar it has (though small sugar but still I shouldn't eat sugar). I keep coming back to this cereal because of the taste and supposedly this is relatively healthy cereal too.
Good, Gluten Free
I'm glad it's gluten free, been a while since I had them last. I will be getting them this weekend. I need to get all gluten free from now on, didn't realize it was that bothering me before.
Tastes ok
This cereal is a nice change to eating just regular Cheerios. If you like Cheerios, you’ll like this version. It also has a little sweetness added to cereal.
Love MultiGrain Cheerios
I love having multigrain Cheerios for breakfast. They are delicious and I feel as if they are a healthier start to my morning and give me energy to last until lunch time.
Good to eat and good for you
I’ve always loved Cheerios! Apple cinnamon is my favorite. I decided to try these as a slightly healthier alternative. I love the way these have a slightly sweet taste and don’t get soggy as quickly as the regular Cheerios
Kids favorite
My kids love Multi-Grain Cheerios! Of all the flavors out there, this is their first choice always! It makes me happy that they are already making great choices! I, too, am a big fan! The sugar content could be knocked down a cinch, but otherwise a great cereal overall!
Excelente Sabor!!
Este ceral es riquisimo, muy nutritivo y el sabor es delicioso, desde que lo probe no he dejado de comerlo, me encanto!!
Tasty Healthy Cereal and Snack
This cereal is great to eat in a bowl of milk or as a snack. Just enough sweetness to make it taste like a treat . It's definitely my favorite flavor of cheerios.
Good but too much sugar
Tastes great but only bummer is that there is more sugar that the plain
These multi grain Cheerios are pretty tasty. They have 5 whole grains so I feel good about eating them. They kept me full from breakfast til lunch. I would recommend this cereal.
Multi Grain Cheerios
You can never go wrong with a bowl of cheerios. With great taste and an overall healthy appeal, this product is made for anyone and loved by everyone including myself. I like how it includes five different types of grains, which gives each cheerio it's own taste, which compliment each other well and serve a better purpose in maintaining better overall health.
multigrain cherios
I thought this was an okay cereal. I ate it in the morning and it kept me full until lunch time. usually i snack in between but this time i was pretty satified. The only thing i didn't like was that it was not very flavorful...I felt it was kind of dull. i needed to add fruit to give it some taste.
One of our favorites
We have always loved this cereal. It’s been one of my sons favorites since he was little. It has a great flavor and isn’t too sweet.
so good!
I love this cereal! It has great flavor and even the kids love it!

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