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Multi Grain Cheerios Gluten Free Cereal
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Multi Grain Cheerios Gluten Free Cereal
There aren't many gluten free cereals especially without outrageous prices. The Multi Grain Cheerios Gluten Free Cereal is a great option for people who need gluten free. It is a little boring, but sometimes that is okay in the morning. If not, a little fresh fruit mixed in takes care of that.
Cheerios multi grain
I love Cheerios all products, but Cheerios multi grain is awesome, try it is so so yummy.
Yummy, good for breakfast and great snack
This is great anytime, whether for breakfast or a snack - I always keep a box around just in case I want a snack because it is healthy for you and better than junk food. When my niece and nephew come over and want a snack that is what I give them and they look forward to it, no candy or cookies...sometimes just plain or with milk and some fruit 🍌 🍎 it is the perfect snack. I recommend this to everyone.
Multi Grain Cheerios Gluten Free Cereal is very tasty, sometimes you can tell if it's gluten free - not in this case. So good.
Another excellent cereal I bought. Several times. My granddaughter loves it just to snack on dry..it works for me. Thank you #GeneralMills for another Grrreat cereal
My family loves it! Especially if I add in a fresh fruit like banana or strawberries. But the possibilities are endless!
When I first tried these I was quite surprised with how good they are! They aren’t bland and boring. So far my favorite type of Cheerios!
Very good, wasn't expecting it to be all that great but j sure was, kids liked it to.
This is one of my favorite cereals. I like the whole grains and the fact it keeps me satisfied until lunch time.
These are delicious! They have a light sweet taste so I don't have to add any sugar so I keep my breakfast calories low.
Great product and it's great for improving not only your heart health but also to lower your cholesterol.
We use this brand most. Great addition to GM family.
I like Multi-Grain Cheerios. Makes me feel good to be getting a mix of 5 whole grains, and it only lightly sweetened, so not getting a bunch of added sugar.
Muy rico cereal y rico en fibra bueno para un corazon sano
I enjoy the sweetness of the all natural cheerios I like it for an evening snack

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