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Multi Grain Cheerios Gluten Free Cereal
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I eat Honey Nut Cheerios every morning but I haven't tried this particular one. I would like to for sure since I am a big fan of Cheerios.
I'm looking forward to trying multi grain cheerios gluten free cereal..Ive tasted the regular cheerios cereal & liked it so i imagine that I'd like this kind of cheerios also..plus I'm curious to find out how gluten free tastes..
Because I'm a big fan of Cheerios, I'd love to try this and give a review!
Iam a cherrios lover so it should be great whole grain and good for your heart. I would love to try it as a sample
Like the positive review and also looking great. And love to try it asap
I am a Cheerios lover, not the ones with sugar, only the true blue one. I would love to try the Multi-Grain. My daughter advises me to eat more grain and I am.
This is a healthy item to snack on. Please send me a sample.
I have not tryed this yet because I have not seen it in the grocery store I shop at
I have tasted the other cherrios like honey and nuts and the plain one would love to try it
would love this sample I already always eat regular and honey nut cheerios
Has it change the taste with it being gluten free? I know I could tell the different from some products that are gluten free and they say it doesn't change the taste.
I love Cheerios but have not tried multi grain. Sure would love to try it.
I have not tried the Multi Grain my Four kids LOVE Cheerios will have to look for this
Haven't tried multi-touch grained Cherrios, they look really good! I would love to try them!
I eat Honey nut Cherrios a lot would love to try these just love cereal

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