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I've eaten these a ton of times with my daughter. Normally I hate cheerios but these are tasty enough that I love them. I usually prefer lots of sugar but I had to get healthy stuff so my kids can have some and the multigrain always wins! Love it!!
Delicious!! Help me count my calories when I was on a diet
As far as cheerios go, these are my favorite! Perfect for breakfast, on the go snacks, and I love putting them in yogurt too!
It was ok. I couldn't get behind the grain flavor. Not something I would recommend. I mean that with love. Sincerely.
This is actually pretty good and I’m a picky eater when it comes to healthier eating. Love the different type of flavors in each bite
My kids love this cereal! Nutritious and Healthy for them!
I have always loved Multi-Grain Cheerios. Not as sweet as Honey Nut, but no need to add sugar like plain Cheerios. It made me feel like I was eating healthy, but not sacrificing taste. These are great to eat without milk just as a snack or take it on the go!
Multi Grain Cheerios is a new cereal in my house. It's been on the market for awhile, but we had just never tried it. I'm so glad that I put it in my shopping basket and we gave it a try. It's great! Multi Grain Cheerios is one of the healthier cereals on the market. Most are loaded with sugar and high in calories. I would rather eat a healthy breakfast than load my body up with sugar and useless calories! Multi Grain Cheerios is very mildly sweetened. It has a nice balance in sweetness with the different grains which gives the taste a more balanced flavor. We not only eat this cereal for breakfast, but also turn to it as a snack in afternoons or even a late night snack. Love it!
I have eaten this cereal for a long time. Have always liked that it is a wholesome cereal, and is low in sugar.
My family LOVES the multigrain Cheerios. You get all the whole grains and a great taste all in one cereal.
Amo este cereal a cualquier hora del dia como un bocadillo saludable o como un desayuno es buenisimo
I always shop for whole & multi grains.. Cheerios did awesome here with a lightly sweetened cereal that's multigrain & gluten free tastes Great &It's healthy!
I really love this cereal from Cheerios. It's lightly sweet and has a great crunch to it. I love the multigrain cheerios and the fact that it's gluten free. It's a great everyday cereal that you don't get tired of.
Great taste, it does taste different than your normal cheerios, very good
I do like these better then the plain Cheerios. And it’s nice that they are multi grain. Not too bad

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