Munchkin Dingray Xylophone Bath Toy

4.9 5 0 63 63 Tap into your little one’s inner virtuoso with a baby xylophone that creates endless fun in the tub! Designed to encourage learning through music and play, Dingray™ is a floating stingray, bath toy and musical instrument in one. Babies and toddlers can make fun sounds and play simple songs while practicing hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills at the same time. It’s never too early to foster a love of music – especially since it can positively impact creative, cognitive, and emotional development, too. Made of soft materials and rust-resistant keys, this floating friend is always ready to strike a chord -- both in and out of the bath.
Munchkin Dingray Xylophone Bath Toy


Keep your kid busy!
This was fantastic. I gifted it to a friends child and they not only were kept busy for quite some time but it seemed to have sparked a love for music so it looks like other musical products are now in the running for future gifts!
Love this!
My daughter loves to play with this making lots of music
A child’s favorite
Kids love two things… splashing in water and banging on anything that will make noise. Welcome to a toy that bridges that gap!!! Excellent design!
Good enough
Toy works good enough to capture his attention to avoid meltdown while washing up. Toy stays afloat for 15-20 mins if you get longer your lucky
Great toy for the bath tub keeps the kids busy while u wash them up and definitely helps them be excited to actually take a bath, my child always wants to take a bath when he sees this toy
Bath time!
My kiddo loved this toy during bath time. He’s the perfect age to be able to use toys and such other than rubber ducks. He has a blast with it! I recommend for your kiddos!
Like Beethoven in a tub
My two year old loves baths and music. This is truly the best of both worlds. No more wild splashing, my little man loves to make music while enjoying some bubbles. Definitely a must have for parents.
Creat interactive toy!
This toy overall is great! Its such a neat learning too that teaches so many things! From sounds, to colors, to notes and how to make music! I love the fact that it floats! I use this as a good engager when it is one on one in the bathtub with my little one!
Baby toy
My child loves this toy. It makes noise and keeps their attention for more than 5 minutes. Definitely a win.
Perfect Addition to Bath time
My daughter loves baths and this toy was a perfect addition to her collection. It's durable, floats well, and doesn't hold moisture, which is my number one concern with any bath toy.
Perfect bath toy for music lovers.
This toy never fails to float and sounds really nice. It's not too overbearing and noisy. It's also easy to clean.
Great toy
My grandson loves this toy during bath time. I think what he likes is it splashes everywhere. It’s the first thing he goes for when getting in. If you don’t mind noise and water splashing, I say buy it.
A great toy
My child loved this toy. I wasn't sure about it at first because, well its a noise maker and I'm hesitant to give my child anything that makes noise but its not headache inducing and he really loves it. I would totally recommend buying it.
This was given to my 18 month daughter as a gift. She loves this toy. It's bright, she enjoys playing with it and making cool sounds. It's her favorite toy.
Cute Toy * Good Quality
Cute Toy & great concept. My little one Is a little over 2 years old, and we’ve have this for a while now. She hits everything with the Stick besides the toy. She knows it makes sounds/music therefore Instead of proper use the toy gets smashed into thing to create the sounds. And as I stated before the Stick is just something she uses to hit and bang on anything and everything. Besides that being it’s a bath toy and is always wet it stayed nice, no color fading no rusting and definitely no mold! It is a great toy just not a toy for us!

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