My Beauty Spot Aromatherapy Bath Collection 3 pc Argon Lavender

4.4 5 0 63 63 Relax and Feel Refreshed after a long day! Unwind in bath using our Argan Oil + Lavender muscle soak, while relaxing to the scent of our candle. After bathing, use our argan oil + lavender oil to moisturize your body ,face and hair.
My Beauty Spot Aromatherapy Bath Collection 3 pc Argon Lavender


These products smells so good and leaves my body feeling relaxed and smooth!
I love it
I love how good it smells and how it feels once I put some on and how long it last it last all day
Great set for a spa day at home
It’s a great set for you to make a spa day at home, I loved everything, after use my salt bath I felt my skin hydrated and relaxed, I loved the candle smell and I use the essencial oil made my bedroom smell amazing. I would definitely recommend this product and I would also buy this as a gift.
Relaxing premium body care collection
The Premium Body Care Collection is a must have. It comes with argon oil and lavender bath soak, candle, and essential oil. The lavender smells very nice and helped me relax after a long work day. It’s a complete set just added the bath soak and some lavender oil drops to the water then lit the candle and relaxed.
Relaxing and soothing set
I was very relaxed with using this set. Unfortunately the use of the bath salts where short lived because my skin reacted negatively to them but the candle was awesome and smelled great, as did the aromatherapy oil.
3pc beauty Aromatherapy bath collections
The collection was good the lavender scent was soothing and made for a relaxing soak
Not too good
Did not make me relax or soothe in any way. It actually gave me a really bad yeast infection. Haven't had one in over 10 years. Will not use again.
So relaxing
My fav is the candle i wish it was bigger, smells so good
Pleasantly Surprised
I was surprised that this product was so nice. The packaging was good cute, the smell was pleasant and it just felt good. Definitely a bath time, wind down product..I took my time and soaked and fully absorbed the product and experience and I was happy. I don't think the smell lasted too long and it wasn't overpowering.
4 pc bright and shine kit
I have never heard of this product til now I love its. I definitely recommend it it is very cool kit to use and help you relax
I needed some down time ran the bath put in the salts lit the candle and got in! So relaxing crawled a prune and so relaxed!! I will tell you try in and like me you will be smiling.
Bath collection
I really enjoyed trying this aromatherapy bath set. This was set was Lavender. I liked th bath salt and really enjoyed the bath oil.
Aromatherapy Bath Set
I loved the Argon Lavender Aromatherapy Bath Collection Set. The lavender fragrance was just right...not too pungent. It was very soothing to sit with the candle burning, while bathing in the bath salts, and then using the oil afterwards. It helped decrease a lot of the day's stress for me. Would highly recommend using this, especially for someone who deals with a lot of stress on a daily basis. So very soothing.
4pc Bright & Shine Body Care
4pc bright & shine body care. 1) Bath Soak Argan Oil & Lavender - I felt relaxed and my skin felt soft after using and smelt nice. 2) essential oil - smells very nicely 3) dropper - that came in handy for the oil. 4) aromatherapy candle - burns and smells very nicely
Awesome product
I want to start off by saying I use Epson salt quite regularly. The smell lingering around for quite a bit of time after I was done with my best and it was such a relaxing common sense

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