N-Strike Elite Scout MKII

4.1 5 0 16 16 4-dart rotating drum Includes 4 Nerf Elite darts designed for distance Fires 4 darts in a row Scout out the competition and strike fast with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Scout MKII blaster! The rotating barrel holds 4 Nerf Elite darts and unleashes them 1 at a time. Load 4 darts into the front of the barrel, pull back the handle to prime the blaster, and pull the trigger to fire 1 dart. When the battle calls for mobility, grab the Scout MKII blaster to stay ready to act quickly as the action heats up. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Scout MKII blaster comes with 4 Nerf Elite darts designed for distance. Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.
N-Strike Elite Scout MKII


My grand daughter got this for her bday and we got a couple more. It’s fun to have a nerf fight throughout the house lol. Highly recommend
Hard to pull
It’s a great little nerf gun, lots of fun but very hard to pull back the lever. Bought for my 3 year old thinking it’s small and would be easy but I ended up having to load it for him ever shot.
Nerf gun's are a lot of fun. Especially if you get the whole family involved. These are small but powerful. My only complaint with this nerf gun,and a lot of the other nerf guns, is the lever you pull back before you shoot is so hard for little kids to pull back, because its intended for older kids i guess. But it's definitly fun.
The dart gun is fun for outside playing. The bullets don’t always shoot straight but they get pretty far. The strength you have to have to pull back the is on a different level. My kids had to come back every time they wanted to shoot. I’d say this is for about 10yrs and older.
It's alright
For what it is its a okay nerf gun compared to others around this price you get an average around 60-65ft per sec but it all depends on the darts you use in this case the nerf elite darts. Overall this is perfect for beginners
I am a Mom of 3 boys, Nerf guns are very popular in our house, even my husband loves them. I purchased three of these for my boys, and they LOVE them. Hours of fun shooting each other, and me of course! Love Nerf products, they are good quality and a good price!
Safe and Fun ☺
Great way to hit targets or people, without hurting anything. I love Nerf products and this is just another that goes into my great product list!
Love playing games and doing activities with my kids. They all got them for Christmas last year. Only thing that could be better is coming with more darts. Also sometimes my faughter had a problem pulling back to launch. Other then that great outdoor/indoor play.
They like it, I love it.
After having 4 girls, I never thought it was possible for me to have a boy & I was ok with that. In fact, I thought I was done having children but life happens and things change. Now I have 2 little boys who are avid collectors of nerf guns. Between the guns and the bullets, it’s a costly little hobby. So when my sons rambunctious & undisciplined little heathen friends come by to play, I hide the “good guns and bullets” and I have very good reason for doing so. My boys don’t agree and that’s when they turn into trolls! So I spotted these mini nerf guns at Walmart and I was surprised how inexpensive they were. I grabbed several and these are now the designated “bratty friends” nerf guns to play with whenever they trample on over. They don’t care how fast or far the guns shoot. The fact that they each have their own gun so they can all play together makes them happy. They have fun, it keeps them entertained and happy, which keeps me sane.
Elite Scout
I actually never heard of this product before until when I bought it. Although I was a bit iffy with the price, I still bought it to have a test. I let my five-year old son tried it and he thought it was ok. Elite Scout
Hours of fun
I bought a few of these for the boys and wow , Just played and ran around the yard for hours. I do think I lost but .. These are so much fun for all ages , Even us adults ! :)
Good toy. Kids will have a lot of safe fun with the Nerf blaster.
This Nerf gun was really fun for my son. I wish that the bullets were a lot softer. My son played with this toy for hours and had loads of fun. I definitely recommend this toy.
we have not bought this toy yet for the children
my grandchildren have something like that and they love them

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