Nabisco Oreo Thins Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

4.6 5 0 369 369 Thin, crisp, and light treat. Mess-free with less crumbs.
Nabisco Oreo Thins Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


perfect snack
Love them and will buy them again Great for Snacks and the quality is the best
I love thin Oreos, the added crunch of the think cookie makes those dangerously delicious! I can pop half a pack in one seating, it's just too good... ;) totally worth the price!
Love these
I'm not really an Oreo eater but these thins are delicious. The cookie is crisper than the regular Oreos. The yellow ones are amazing.
Perfect Bite Size!!!
Honestly I think this version of Oreo Cookies is the BEST! It’s the perfect little bite size cookie. My family loves them and they make a great snack for at home or on the go whenever you want something small to snack on.
My kids and grandbabies absolutely love these Oreo cookies perfect little bite-size for little people
They taste great. It's perfect when you don't want too much of a cookie or too much of the cream.
Thin oreos
I have tried these an I agree I think they taste 10 times better then the original
Love these!
I’m not much for the cream filling in Oreos and so I tried these and loved them. They are perfect for me. My boys love the double stuffed but these were made for me!
Oreo Obsession
Honestly I think the thin version tastes 10 times better than the original 🍪. I feel like the original cookies have too much cream and it's over bearing. These are just the right ratio and before you know it the rows are cleaned out.
I personally love these the most. They are the perfect mixture from cream and sweet chocolate cookie. Also they are perfect size. I do wish they would make them bite size though.
Love love love
I absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products and services that have young kids these are awesome to have in your cupboard.
Way better cookie-filling ratio than regular Oreos
These are great! Oreo Thins are my favorite type of Oreo. Not only do they seem to taste better to me, but they also have a way better ratio of cookie to filling than regular Oreos.
Great for dunking
I enjoy these thin Oreos for dunking or just snacking but either way these are great !
So thin and perfect
These were so thin and perfect I felt like a queen eating them.
Very tasty
Sometimes I like the thins better with less filling! They are delicious just as they are. A quick dunk in milk only improves their tastyness!

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