5 5 0 1 1 Nails Inc Retinol 45 Second Top Coat is described as a quick fix to a super glossy, high shine manicure. The rapid dry top coat is powered by hardening retinol, said to be perfect for weak nails, creating a chip proof shield, locking in color and prolonging wear time. Suitable for vegans, this cruelty-free product retails in a 0.47-fl. oz. FSC-certified pack bearing the Queen's Awards logo.
Nails Inc Retinol 45 Second Top Coat
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I have to say that I love this brand and purchase this from Sephora. I regularly will paint my nails once a week and this topcoat will really make my nails keep their color for at least one week with no chips. The price point is excellent and the product truly delivers. I would highly recommend this product if you would love for your manicure to look as if you had just had your manicure done today.

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