4 5 0 11 11 Get maximum smoothness with minimum hassle. Nair® Shower Power® MAX in an easy, mess-free pump dispenser works while you shower to remove even thick, coarse hair. Nair® powers your shower with breakthrough technology. Shower Power® has a triple protection system that delivers water-resistent properties so you can now use Nair® while you shower. The cream will resist washing off when you step in the shower. Nair® Shower Power® MAX delivers maximum hair removal, with minimal hassle. The cream is formulated with soothing lavender and Vitamin E.
Nair® Hair Remover Shower Power™ Max
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Nair shower power hair remover/Argon Oil
Nair shower power hair remover/Argon Oil I think is the best kind of hair remover ever. I always had irritated skin with other products. I highly recommend you and friends try this.
Nair® Hair Remover Shower Power™ Max
I have tried this product just a few days ago and my legs are still red from all the burning that it did. I don't know if it was just my skin or the product but I will never use again.
Really like this product. Have tried it in didferent varieties. Works on coarse hair and leaves you very smooth good
Would love to try this out anything that make my life easier
Oh my goodness I love this product. My legs and armpits have never been this smooth. Try this product, works in minutes.
It works wonderful, my legs are nice and smooth and the hair does not grow back as fast as the other products. It's simple and easy to use
Awesome stuff it works but I don't like having to let it set for 10 minutes before I can wash it off
I like it What product says it will do, it does. I use the other nair products and they all are great.
I tried this and from my experience it didn't work as well as it said it would I even tried to leave it on a little longer and still only got about half the hair off and I have never been a fan of the smell.
I'm a faithful Nair user and this was by far one of there best products they've introduced to ys
I love this product. It makes my skin smooth and hair free :-) for longer time than other creams.

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