4 5 0 89 89 Treat your skin well with a sensitive formula that works in the shower. Nair Sensitive formula hair removal cream is infused with 100% Natural Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.
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Worked Pretty Good Overall
I have tested Nair Shower Power for sensitive skin. I thought it worked pretty well. Most of the hair came off but some of the more coarse hair did not. I ended up having to do a little shaving to touch up those spots but it really did make getting ready quite a bit quicker.
I would recommend this. Especially if you have very sensitive skin.
Worked Great!
It worked great for me. I had no adverse reaction at all. I didn't have to use it again for almost 3 weeks!
Didn't work for me .
I bought this with such high hopes just to have them dashed. I followed all the direction's even left it on longer but it leaves my hair in patches and what hair it leave behind shrivels up all weird in a few hours after my shower. Maybe its my hair , I don't know it just never works.
Better than expected!
I think that it works for arms and lower legs, but not for thighs as much as it could. Never gets all the hair off! Could be a stronger formula even for super sensitive skin.
Excelente producto de muy buena calidad y te deja la piel suave lo recomiendo
Actually smells nice!!
Most hair removal products have a terrible odor, but this smells good. I like that I can apply this to my legs as I step into the shower and it doesn't run off my legs. In a few minutes I just wipe and rinse, and DONE! I really like it!
Love it works great I want to get it again I can't shave my legs so it's very convenient if I could afford it all the time I'd get it I recommend that you all try it I know it works
Love it
Easy to use and rinses off great. Pleasent scent and didn't take long to remove hair. I will use it all year. Not very expensive and easy to find a my local market place.
Love it! Great product
This product is a must have! I love the aroma and the scent of the coconut. It gives my body the calm and smooth feeling. Its super smooth on skin and smells so good. Difinitely buy this again
Hoped it wouldn't smell bad like the rest
It worked good on removing hair, but just like all the others the smell is horrible, I'll keep sticking to shaving
Great for sensitive skin
I bought this product on a whim before going on vacation. I’m sooo glad I did! Ease application, no skin reaction and no harsh smell. I did need to leave it on longer than what was directed but I will never use a razor on my legs again!
Works well on fine hair
I had to leave on a bit longer than product instructions, but did leave behind soft, smooth legs. No irritation. Definitely more convenient than shaving.
Nair Sensitive Formula
Regret buying this I it caused instant irritation to my skin my legs had a severe rash that left my legs sore for over 2 weeks .
muy buena crema
usenla que no irata para nada por lo general yo lo uso una ves al mes y muy buen producto

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