3.9 5 0 94 94 Treat your skin well with a sensitive formula that works in the shower. Nair Sensitive formula hair removal cream is infused with 100% Natural Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.
Nair™ Sensitive Formula Shower Power™ with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E
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I would live to try this. I've been looking for a hair remover that seems to be geared towards women and this looks like it is just the thing.
I have not tried Nair but would love to try Nair, because I'm tired of all the breakouts that shaving with a razor leaves behind!! I will leave a honest review after testing Nair!
I didn't use this product myself, I bought it for my daughter and she loved it. It worked really well for her, she say's that she will use it all the time and that she liked it better then razor's.
I would love to give a try and show my results on how the product works. I hope they improve their scent and hope my hair comes off easily. Would like to test, thank you in advance

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