Nature Clean® Automatic Dishwasher Pacs

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Nature Clean® Automatic Dishwasher Pacs


I wish "Nature Cleans"
The packaged states: The automatic dishwasher pods are for high-performance results. They work on your dishes to eliminate any baked-on mess, grime, residue, etc. They also leave you with super-clean and totally residue-free dishes. Based on what I got out of using this product: Had to use two pods on a average DW load to completely clean dishes. Leaves a film on all dark ceramic/porcelain tableware. Glad its 98% pro-planet unfortunately does not work that well.
Great dishwasher cleaner
I would reccomend these to anyone that has a dishwasher. Dishwashers often get a bad smell after a while and these tablets clean the dishwasher very well. It not just removes foul odor but it replaces the odor with a nice fresh smell.
A cheaper alternative
These dishwasher packs are one of the cheaper ones you can find. They work pretty decent. Dishes come out clean about 90% of the time. A few of them sometimes have to be put back. They are good for the price!
A few Spots
This does leave a few spots behind , but no more than any other brand. Dishes came out pretty clean and knowing theres no harsh chemicals feels great !
Awesome product
This product is awesome. And I recommend it to everyone else who could use it and I recommend it to everyone else who could use it.
Safe for your entire family
I try to make sure our cleaning products are free of detergents, chemicals and dyes. Nature Cleans dishwasher pacs are free of all chemicals, including bleach. As far as cleaning power, they work great but i do notice they are sometimes water spots from it.
no but id like to try a free sample thank you alot

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