Nature Made Multi for Her Plus Omega-3s Lemon, Orange & Strawberry Adult Gummies

4.7 5 0 170 170 Women's multi-vitamin. Lemon, orange, and strawberry flavor.
Nature Made Multi for Her Plus Omega-3s Lemon, Orange & Strawberry Adult Gummies


You really almost forgot these are vitamins and healthy for you and can only have two.
Excellent product
Very good product, good flavor and easy to eat.
Taste is good and improvements noticed.
I saw these vitamins on Hometester and read some reviews and decided to give them a try. These vitamins are good for women age 40+. They are super soft gummies with great flavor, easy to chew and digest. These gummies carry enough of our daily needed vitamins when following recommended dosage. While taking these I have noticed a change in my energy level going from low to more active and theres been a slight increase in my appetite. I mention appetite because I dont always have one and since taking these Its been an improvement in my eating more regular and feeling good on the inside. The price is a bit steep for the recommended dosage and amount thst comes in the container, but as long as it keeps giving positive results Im not going to focus on the price right now.
Pretty good
This is a pretty low potent vitamin for women, they taste good but don't really have the strength needed
Gummies packed with health
I trust Nature Made brand and have been taking the Multi for her since the past 6 months. This particular multivitamin has 60 mg of heart-healthy omega-3s per serving. It also contains vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D3, and E in addition to zinc. It is an all in one multivitamin for women. I love the lemon, orange and strawberry flavors, these are so much easier to take compared to the capsules too.
Pretty good multivitamins
I love these multivitamin’s because they have a great flavor and they’re convenient to take. They also come in a kid’s multivitamin so everyone in your household can benefit by taking them especially during these uncertain times with the pandemic.
I purchased these vitamins because I was looking for alternative to a big pills. I love the way taste. I have recommended to other friends of mine. They seem to like them as well.
Women’s Gummy Vitamins
These gummy vitamins are good. I have a problem swallowing pills, so this has made it easier for me to take vitamins. They taste good with no weird aftertaste like some have.
Loved them
I am not a huge fan of gummies. But these ones taste awesome and didnt leave a weird after taste like others ive tried. I would buy these again. I would recommend buying them.
Fairly good value
I trust this brand and have used it for a long time. However, my budget is tight and I only buy it if it’s on sale such as B1G1F.
Nature made
I love how brands advertise their own set of vitamin supplements. I tried this one and I loved it so much. I do see, however, that the price range would not be my range if I wanted to buy another one. Nature made
These taste great & are at a reasonable price!
I recommend these to any woman 40 or over. Theyre exactly what we need, taste great,& affordable!
Nature made
Nature Made Multi for Her Plus Omega-3s Lemon, Orange & Strawberry Adult Gummies are very good
Chewy Vitamins YAY but disappointed they contain carmine.
These multi vitamins taste great. I like that they do not have excessive daily value percentages of the vitamins in a serving. This is good because I still eat relatively healthy and do not need 400% DV of a vitamin when I am still eating fruits and vegetables. I was going to give this 5 stars but after seeing that Carmine is used for coloring, I decided to give it 3 stars. Carmine is so unnecessary to color things. If you do not know what carmine is or where it comes from, I suggest you look it up.
Using for past 2 years
I've been taking these gummies for the past 2+ years, they are great! I am not a fan of big pills so these are perfect, and when you open a new container they actually taste like candy. They do get pretty hard by the end of the container but never taste bad.

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