4.8 5 0 260 260 Nature’s Own Honey Wheat offers the perfect blend of wheat, sweetened with a touch of honey.
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Amazing bread!
This bread is always very tasty. It is always nice and soft when I purchase it. I love that it is affordable and delicious! It is the main bread I always buy. My whole family loves it!
Good bread
This bread is very tasty. It has a great price point and is always nice and soft when I purchase it. I love that it is affordable and delicious!
No Wheat Taste
This bread really surprised me. It didn't have a grainy taste and is durable to handle all types of sandwiches. The whole family enjoys it. I would strongly recommend.
Cheap on price not cheap on taste
Well worth buying. It's one of the lower priced wheat breads and is just as good if not better than the higher priced wheat breads
Bested Wheat Bread
I have bought this Natures Own Honey Wheat bread. And it's taste is amazingly delicious, I really like it .
Great taste, great price
Great taste for a great price. Would definitely recommend it! I’m not a big fan of wheat bread in general but I really enjoyed the flavor and texture of this bread.
Literally the only bread I eat , which is very great for people who live a healthy life and is 100% wheat and no artificial flavors . Would recommend buying it .
Excellent Buy!
My husband and I are on a diet plan so the taste of this bread is amazing.
Super good!
I usually stick to buying this kind of bread because my family loves it. It has a good taste and is super affordable.
My family loves it.
This is the only wheat bread my kids will eat. Whether it's a grilled cheese or peanut butter and honey this is the bread of choice for my family of 6
Honey awesomeness
This is a great bread. It tastes great and it's got a lot of nutritional value.
Love love
My children have no idea this isnt regular white bread It's so funny they think it's so amazing and I win because it is . Point for mom wahooo. It's always fresh and never lasts in our home .
My entire family loves natures own. It’s great for school lunches. My kids love it. Plus it’s healthy. Definitely buy it again
Family's choice
My son bought this bread instead of my usual brand. I loved it. It isn't heavy, like the bread I was buying before. My whole family prefer this bread. I definitely recommend it.
Perfect bread
I enjoyed this bread very much. I actually bought it because my regular bread was out of stock but it is not my go to bread! Its soft but not "tear apart, fall apart everywhere soft" it has the perfect amount of sweet without being to much . I can use this bread for everything i use bread for ! My kids love this bread also!

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