Nature's Bakery Raspberry Double Chocolate Brownies

4.6 5 0 70 70 Chocolatey goodness times two! Crafted with thoughtful ingredients and unique double chocolate baked.
Nature's Bakery Raspberry Double Chocolate Brownies


They taste great. Love chocolate. I already love the brand. The blueberry ones are tasty. But these are to die for. I will buy again. They cost a little more but they are worth it.they are great snacks, for school kids for old folks them.
I love Nature's Bakery! Their snacks are delicious and healthy. These brownies taste great and are moist. Not only do I recommend these brownies, but I suggest you try their Fig Bars as well! You'll be hooked on these filling, healthy snakcks!
I love Chocolate and Raspberry and it was moist. A great snack
was treated to this product by aerobics teacher after a class was great at giving me additional energy and great tasting and healthy for you also made with no artificial ingredients
I like these brownies. Not 100% like the Betty Crockers, but you can taste the healthy wholesomeness. Great product!!!!
I love these for an afternoon snack. Just enough to hold me over till dinner.
These raspberry brownies are so good and they are good for you perfect for me I'm older an I have to watch what I put into my body and this product is helping me do that. Thank you!
great product very tasty tried it over at my best friend house and found out that it was healthy for you also no artificial ingredients
It's a go to on my shopping list. My husband and daughter both like them!
They are delicious perfect texture id for sure by again

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