Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread

4.8 5 0 848 848 Nature’s Own Honey Wheat offers the perfect blend of wheat, sweetened with a touch of honey.
Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread


Oh yes. I try not to eat a whole lot of bread, but since it's impossible to avoid forever Nature's Own Honey Wheat is my usual grab during those times of need. It's such a pleasant density with just a touch of sweetness. So good.
Great taste and not dry
Nature's Own Honey Wheat has a wonderful taste and texture. Some wheat breads come off dry on the palate. This bread has a great balance of flavor and moisture. The flavor isn't sweet so you could use this bread like you would a normal white or wheat bread. I would recommend this product.
Has a great taste
My son and I are the only ones in my household that will eat wheat bread. Nature's Way is normally the brand that I buy. We both love the taste of it and I like that it is a little bit healthier than regular white bread.
great flavor
This is a great bread.Still fresh after it's been opened for a week. makes a great avocado toast. Also makes a great PB & J
Nature's Own-makes a delicious sandwich.
My husband and I really enjoy Nature's Own Honey Wheat bread. It has a pleasant taste and a very soft texture. The taste compliments the flavors of a sandwich or good ol' butter bread.
Love the Nature's Own Honey Wheat bread. It's always fresh and tasty. My kids love it also. I would definitely recommend you try this brand. It's delicious and less expensive than most others.
Bread for the ages!!
This bread is my go to everytime!! Beats any other bread I have bought before!! No complaints from any of my family so this is the bread I always buy for sandwiches and toast! YUM!!
Good taste
I didn’t think I would enjoy this bread and was surprised that it was liked by my whole family . Very good flavor I would buy again .
Delicious and nutritious!
This bread is so super soft and delicious. My kids and husband just love it for pb and js to deli meats and cheeses. I like to buy several at a time and they last for a couple of weeks in my pantry. Other breads go stale and moldy within 5 days. I love that the whole family loves it and it stays fresh much longer than other brands, saving me money!
Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread
My family loves Natures Own bread. It taste great and perfect texture.
Love nature's own bread
My family loves this bread, it's got a sweet taste to it. It's a little more costly than some breads but still affordable, I prefer to buy them Nature's Own over store brands when I can afford it.
Get the bread
Fluffy. Yummy. Soft Grilled cheese, toast, ham sandwich- all perfect with this bread. I recommend purchasing this bread.
I love this brand and this bread! It tastes so good!
I am always looking for a healthy, tasty bread. I like lots of nuts and healthy crunchy goodies in mine while my husband does not. Nature’s Own Honey Wheat is the perfect compromise.
Better than white bread
I believe the quality and taste of this bread is better than any white bread out there today. This honey wheat bread is so good with cold or toasted sandwich meat. If you're going wheat, I highly suggest buying this bread. It's not the best choice, it's nature's choice.

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