4.8 5 0 105 105 Nerds launches limited edition packaging as vast as the galaxy. The saga continues...will you choose the dark side or the light side? May the force be with you. 16 count variety pack box that includes 8 Red Cherry Ropes and 8 Blue Raspberry Ropes. Which side will you be? Dark side or Light side?
Nerds Dark Side Red Cherry & Light Side Blue Raspberry Rope Star Wars Candy
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Delicious fun candy. Very flavorful and fun to eat. It has multiple textures and flavors in each rope. I would recommend it to anyone. No improvement needed. Everyone that likes chewy fruit candy should try it.
These are classic candies.. My fav! Love these new Star Wars flavors
So yum.y
I love these little things. I remember my husband bringing some.hime one night and I was like what is that. After trying them inwas hooked the ropes are like the texture of licorice but they are fruity and actually taste good.
I remember when these can out when I was a kid. The texture is a little off but the taste is amazing!
So cool
These are so cool I love the concept of it. And what makes them even better is that they taste so good. I love nerds candy. If your a Star Wars fan and love eating nerds candy then you must try them.
If you love nerds you will love this. Best taste is the blue
Gotta Luv Nerds
I love nerds for their sweet and sour taste. I also love chewy candies so putting these two together is a win win for me. I would definitely recommend this candy.
I love nerds and especially this one. Its very chewy and crunchy which makes it very good. Would recommend to everyone that likes candy.
One of my favorite hard/chewy sour and swéet candies out there!!!! It is absolutely the best...
It is tart but so yummy and mouth watering you cant just eat one I love them and my adult children loves it also. It is a must have on my list
Crunchy and tarte per usual nerds rope. The flavors are good I prefer the blue one myself.
Was absolutely delicious great flavor candy not to hard. I felt that way because it was delicious. I loved the flavor.no improvement could be made . Yes I recommend this product.
Cool and fun
I liked it. Fun and has good flavor. My kids enjoyed this product as well.
I love these so much! These are absolutely amazing not only do they taste good but they’re sort of addicting… My grandkids love them to which speaks volumes because they are very picky these are definitely one of my favorite snacks.
Chewy,Crunchy, Full of Flavor
I absolutely love nerds ropes. They perfectly combine the delicious crunch of nerds with just enough chewy hold to create the perfect treat that leaves you wanting more. I've tried both the red and the blue and while I am partial to raspberry flavored anything the red was quite good as well. Berds ropes are great for the occasional treat for my 3 year old and I love that he can eat it in the car without a huge mess being creted that would be inevitable with a box of nerds or a chewy candy that would leave his fingers sticky. My son also loves to use them (still wrapped) as lightsabers now that they are starwars edition and goes back and forth on which side he wants to be on go th day so I guess they also provide entertainment that way!

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