4.7 5 0 67 67 Nerds launches limited edition packaging as vast as the galaxy. The saga continues...will you choose the dark side or the light side? May the force be with you. 16 count variety pack box that includes 8 Red Cherry Ropes and 8 Blue Raspberry Ropes. Which side will you be? Dark side or Light side?
Nerds Dark Side Red Cherry & Light Side Blue Raspberry Rope Star Wars Candy
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Rope of Nerds! Yummy!
This is a long rope of nerds. It’s awesome tasting. I love it, the nerd box doesn’t get spilled and all in the car or the carpet. They are all stuck together! I recommend this over the box any day!!
Roping next in!
Loveeee love these! Could eat all day! Even my kids love them
Love the crunchy outside and the chewy gummy center!
Wow these are really good. My kids and even my husband enjoyed them.
Love um’
So in love with these! They have it all; crunchy, chewy combo with the amazing packed with flavor nerds that we love! We search these out now since they are a little tough to find. A must try all!
Love these
Nerds with gummies in the middle, My favorite. We all love these at my house. Excellent flavors!
My kids love these. Its like nerds, but they dont fall all over the room
Fun texture balancing crunchy and gummy
Sweetness with great texture with nerds on the outside for crunch and gummy, chewy rope. Colorful to attract kids. More flavors would be good.
Great taste of nerds rope with a Star Wars theme. My sons were so happy to see these in the store and thrilled to buy them. Very fun product!
Great flavor!
I absolutely love these Nerds Ropes. They taste delicious, with that perfect sweet and sour combo. I love the fact I’m eating two candies in one! I would highly recommend these.
If you like sweet, tangy, and sour treats, this is for you. I have always been more for sour candy my whole life, and this is now one of my favorite candies. My chocolate loving friends even enjoy it! Plus it’s Star Wars, so cool.
Fun candy experience!
These were so good! Chewy and crunchy! Love that it is good side and bad side! Fun candy for kids and Star Wars fans alike.
Fun candy
Its nerds on a fruit roll up. Kids loved it because of red and blue good/bad guys on star wars.
Yummmmm E!
A great addition to the Nerds line. I only wish there were more product with a purchase. Blue side...all the way!!!
Nerd Rope
Kids love these nerd ropes. Two types of candy in one. They love that they can pull the pieces of nerds off the rope. Can eat nerds and rope separate or eat them together! Very tasty.

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