Nerds Dark Side Red Cherry & Light Side Blue Raspberry Rope Star Wars Candy

4.8 5 0 162 162 Nerds launches limited edition packaging as vast as the galaxy. The saga continues...will you choose the dark side or the light side? May the force be with you. 16 count variety pack box that includes 8 Red Cherry Ropes and 8 Blue Raspberry Ropes. Which side will you be? Dark side or Light side?
Nerds Dark Side Red Cherry & Light Side Blue Raspberry Rope Star Wars Candy


This is one of my favorites! It's got the nerd crunchies on the outside with a Gummi inside . The long rope shape creates a lengthy treat. If you try this you'll love it I promise!
Love nerds
These are another great addition to the nerd ropes that they already have no matter the light side or dark side they are the perfect combination of flavors.
Love them!
My kids, husband and myself love these they have a great flavor to them and love how their crunchy and chewy. Also my kids like to run around and use these as light sabers hahahaha. So a big thumbs up keep selling these!
Best flavors!!
These Star Wars nerd ropes are the BEST flavors! These are my new favorites and I hope they keep them for good because both the red and blue are so yummy I could eat tons of these!
I like how it's crunchy and chewy. Only issue I have with these is that it's too sweet.
I can’t stop eating and buying the ropes!!! They have the perfect equilibrium between sweet and sour. I just love them specially the red one!!!
Just ok
The combination of crunchy and chewy is a little off putting - kind of prefer the nerds by themselves and then it the rope. Kids liked them - sugar is always a winner. The flavors are good just not a fan of the combo.
Love them will definitely buy again my kids have enjoyed them as well
Great candy
Love this candy, so tangy and chewy good tasting long lasting flavor, it takes you back to being a kid again. It has just the right amount 9f flavoring, it is a great tasting candy.
Nice in moderation
I didn't receive these for free but I have bought Nerd ropes before. The Nerds are a little bit sour and the soft chewy center is sweet. I like them but they're not my favorite candy. I do prefer Nerd ropes over Nerds by themselves. I wouldn't want to eat more than a few in a sitting. Both the cherry and raspberry are good.
I wish they didn't taste so good!
I am addicted to these, they are my favorite sweet treat. Unfortunately they taste so good that I lose all self control and always end up over indulging. My mouth is watering just thinking about them as I write this review.
Perfect combination between Crunchy and chewy
Great candy
My kids and my 40 year old (my husband) loved the Nerds Dark Side Red Cherry & Light Side Blue Raspberry Rope Star Wars Candy. I actually liked them too... I love nerds. They were kinda hard on my teeth but other then that they are a great candy. Would recommend to any one with a sweet tooth.
Nerds rope
Kids love it. Not hard not to chewy. And most important not messy!!!!
9 Yr. Old Approved
My son loves Star Wars and candy. Nerds has found a way to combine the two! My daughter isn't even a Star Wars fan, and she loves these. It's so funny to see my kids stopping in the middle of a "light saber battle" to take a bite of their light sabers! These taste great, provide some fun, and they're such a quick grab. I recommend these to any Star Wars fan, parent, candy lover, or really just anyone with teeth!

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