Nerds Tangy Candy Canes

4.8 5 0 239 239 12 Nerds, Tangy Candy Canes including totally tropical punch & road rash raspberry, what-A-Melon & so very cherry, and gotta-have grape & seriously strawberry flavorss Nerds Tangy Christmas Candy Canes, 5.3oz
Nerds Tangy Candy Canes


Nerds Candycanes
The Nerds Candy canes put a great twist on the usual peppermint candy canes. They have a sweet and tangy fruity flavor to them. There are a few different variety blends in the 12 pack and they all have a Surprisingly Amazing taste to them. There isn't anything we don't like about them. If your looking for something other than the traditional candy cane, you've found them here.
Fun take on Candy Canes
These are a super fun take on candy canes. Perfect for those who might not be a fan of the traditional peppermint flavor or are just looking for something different. They taste so good too!
Baby love
I got them for My so I will get them again grandbabies they love them
Daughter loves them
We buy all different flavors and varieties of candy canes every Christmas. This is one of our favorites.
Love these at Christmas!!
These are so good and I always look forward to them on Christmas!!
Great taste
We bought these over Christmas and they were really good, my daughter absolutely loved them. We will definitely buy them again next year.
My Favorite Candy Cane
Typically you think of Nerds as a once a year Halloween candy (or at least I do). I don't eat candy as a general rule, but I bought these at Christmas to give them a try and LOVED them. They taste just like the Nerds we all know and love, but you don't have to worry about spilling them everywhere. I highly recommend if they are still available this next Christmas.
Nerds Tangy Candy Canes
These candy canes taste so good will buy again
I enjoy purchasing candy canes for the look they give my tree and stockings I hang during the holidays. Not only are they pretty they are tasty too. I would recommend. I found mine at my local Walmart.
I bought the candy canes to hand out for Christmas and I did try them I really enjoyed them better than others I have had.
Perfect for parties, the kids loves the variety of flavors and colors and this product is perfect
Who doesn't love nerds
This is another great addition to the nerd product line . They are very good in flavor and add so much color to your Christmas tree. They are hard to stop eating once you stop.
Great for any sweet tooth! They have a great flavor to them, great for decorating also lol but my kids love them. Every christmas time they go to their gmas and get all of hers lol
Son buenos
A mi niña le gustaron son muy buenos para ocaciones
Nerds Tangy Christmas Candy Canes
We have a family tradition to hang Candy canes on our Christmas tree every year. The Nerds Candy canes have the most vibrant colors!! The flavors are delicious. So nice to have something other than just peppermint.

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