4.8 5 0 183 183 12 Nerds, Tangy Candy Canes including totally tropical punch & road rash raspberry, what-A-Melon & so very cherry, and gotta-have grape & seriously strawberry flavorss Nerds Tangy Christmas Candy Canes, 5.3oz
Nerds Tangy Christmas Candy Canes
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Neat twist on the Candy Cane
My daughter picked these out for her classroom party around Christmas. They were a big hit.
Nerds Candy Canes
Not a big fan of anything sour, but my 10 year old son insisted that I buy some candy canes for our Christmas Tree last year. He picked these out and hung them on our tree. They looked so cute and the best part is he got to pull them off the tree and eat them when he wanted :)
I like anything that is tart or sour so when I tried these I fell in love. Bought way more boxes than needed for decorating just so I could have them to eat
Amazing flavor and it’s very tangy. My first time trying it and I’ll purchase it again!
Loved them
We bought them during Christmas time to put on the tree and to add a few in the kids stockings since they absolutely loved them. We bought 2 boxes! Lol if you loved Nerds as a kid then I’d definitely get these 😋
It was ok
A little too sour for me. But the kids loved them and the color was pretty
Nerds candy canes
I tried these at Christmas. The kids loved them. But they made my tongue raw. They were to bitter for me. The kids had no problem with them.
Sweet tooth
I had to hide these from EVERYONE after trying one because it was that good! I don't like to chew sweets so this candy cane was perfect to just suckle on. I'd definitely recommend these any day of the year
Nerds Candy Canes
My kids loved these !! I bought these originally for the Christmas tree, however they did not last a week and I had to buy a stock of them, as I enjoyed them too. And the bright colors was a great addition to the Christmas tree. We will definitely be purchasing these again at Christmas time.
Great strong flavors, very close to actual Nerds....grandkids loved them....
Nerds Tangy Candy Canes
I buy these to put on my Christmas tree and they're a great treat during the holiday season.
Tree trimmers
We put them on the tree and they only lasted a week. The kids loved them. I had to buy more for the tree and for the snack cabinet.
Great Stocking Stuffer
We added these goodies to our stockings and the kids loved them. They said they tasted just like the candy only bigger. The box and colors were a fun addition to a holiday tradition.
Kids absolutely loved these candy canes. They had just the right tangy flavor and tastes just like the nerds candy. Will definently purchase again.
Bursting with flavor
The strawberry was my favorite flavor the strawberry taste lasst for a long time a fun twist to candy canes

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