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Have not tryed this coffee I love nescafe taster choice coffee. And it is great I would to test. French roast coffee
Yum! Coffee! Would like to try this kind. I've heard of this brand but never tried it.
my house hold loves coffee i go through alot of it id love to try this kind
I'd love to try this. I like coffee a lot, and it never disturbs my sleep.
I always buy Nescafe coffee as it is the best of all the other brands available in the market. Haven't tried this particular French Roast but would love to try it
I like Tasters Choice , But I have not tried the French Roast yet .But I think it will be as good as the rest of them
I would like to try this product as it would help not having to brew a full pot of coffee when I just want one cup.
I would love to try this product since I have had some of their other coffee products but have never had the French Roast
I sure would like to try this coffee. I'm sure I would like a lot.
I am a fan of coffee! I love to try new coffee flavors and am open to trying new coffee beverages currently I have not tried this Nescafe coffee flavor and am very very interested to try this product and would like to share my feedback.
Never try out there coffee.... But I do love coffee would be willing to try it out
It should be delicious....uh? But sincerely I have never try it
I have not tried this product, but love Nescafé coffees. I would love to try this particular one.
I a an extreme coffee drinker. While I have not tried Nescafé Taster's Choice, I faithfully drink Nescafé Classico. The latter has a rich robust coffee flavor and tastes much like a brewed pot of coffee. I would like to try Nescafé Tasters Choice to compare it to the flavors of Nescafé Classico. I would expect a high quality product since it is from Nescafé,
Have never tried the French Roast, but I do frequently enjoy this product in other flavors and the to go sticks are GREAT too!

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