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Nesquik Snickers Flavored Chocolate Milk
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A candy bar in a cup
I was actually pleasantly surprised with this product because I was not expecting it to be all that great. I loved that it tasted just like a snickers bar. I would recommend this product to any chocolate milk and candy bar lovers!
Awesome snickers chocolate milk
i bought this for my grandkids bc it was low fat and they both loved it! my grandson asked if we could go back and get some more!!
It's Ok
I tried the Snickers chocolate milk from my local gas station. It is rich, creamy and chocolatey but doesn't taste like a Snickers bar. It's thick like a milkshake but the taste just doesn't match to the candy.
Yum yum
We buy this for the family every grocery shop day! Usually purchase 2 - 12 packs. Tastes so good and for on the run
By far my favorite 'flavored' chocolate milk!
Love this stuff! Not always easy to find, but worth the look! Creamy chocolate and caramel flavor with a hint of hazelnut. Overall, really enjoyable. Just wish it was in more stores/easier to find.
Kid approved!
Bought these for my 6 yr old son. He loves them! They taste just likes snickers bars. We usually find them on sale for 1.00 at Kroger. We will keep buying these!
I didn’t really like this drink. It wasn’t that bad but I wouldn’t buy it again. It was thick and left a bad after taste in my mouth. Not what I was expecting for a drink, if your a true hard core snickers fan yea sure, it’s probably really good to you. But not me.
It's alright
It's not bad but it just taste chalky to me and it didn't have much of a snickers flavor
Hmmmm goood
Surprisingly delicious. It was very rich and actually tasted like a snickers. I like the whole idea
Why Bother
This is a product that was not worth the time to make. Seriously like watery Nutella. Just not good
I first tried this product in Egypt. I was bummed I knew wouldn’t find it home in the US. Low and behold it’s here now!! I love the creamy chocolate-y nutty flavor. It’s my favorite indulgence!
Would buy again
My fiance is a fan. He loves these every once in a while but still prefers his ordinary chocolate milk
Tastes OK
This milk is good but very sweet. It is a weird flavor for milk.
Love the taste of this chocolate milk. Would definitely recommend this
Yummy chocolate milk
I absolutely love this chocolate milk, it makes me feel like I'm eating an actual snickers candy bar and I can't get enough of this milk

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