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Nesquik Snickers Flavored Chocolate Milk
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Este producto es excelente para los niños les encanta su sabor y lo pueden tomar en cualquier momento, nunca falta en nuestra compra
Loved it
Really taste like Snickers. Kinda better than chocolate milk.
Love it!
I first tried this when a friend let me drink some awhile back, and it was delicious. I have bought this multiple times and I’m still satisfied with it. The one thing I don’t like is the after taste but it’s not horrible and i can handle it. Overall great product, I hope you can provide me with a couple samples of and I’ll be happy to post it on my social media.
Huge Fan
As a fan I had high hopes for this, And boy was i shocked, it is GREAT! Would highly recommend
Was no where near what I was expecting, didn’t even taste anything at all like a snickers and I expect milkshakes to at least be creamy it tasted watered down.
I’ve had better and worse
Unfortunately, I really didn’t care for this. I was so sad too lol. I absolutely love Snickers bars so once I saw this, I HAD TO TRY IT!! Once I did, I just thought that it wasn’t up to my expectations, all all. I wouldn’t recommend.
I love the snicker taste but in nesquik lol... I drunk this after a long day of softball and it really hit the spot.
Chocolate candy milk
So my fiancé surprised me with this new milk they came out with and I love snickers so I was glad to try it. But when I tasted the snickers chocolate milk all I tasted was chocolate milk I really didn’t taste the snickers part. Maybe if they added an extra shot of flavoring or even sold a flavored pouch to add in the milk yourself so people can get that extra kick of snickers.
great taste
i didnt expect this to be good. but it actually taste like a candy bar!
Great Taste and nutrition benefits
I like the taste and nutritional benefit of the milk. It tastes just like Snickers and the best part is the protein content.
Best tasting ever
I love how chocolatey tasting. It's like literally having a chocolate bar in a bottle.
Tasty, But Different!
I enjoyed it. Different from other chocolate milk based beverages. takes a little getting used to
Not bad!
This product was actually not a bad drink, I thought it didnt taste close enough to what the label was offering. But i would have to say i would purchase again
This was such a treat when I found it at that the gas station. It tasted just like a snickers bar! Just enough in the bottle that would make you want more. I would definitely recommend !
Way to good!!
O.M.G!! This is soooo yummy!! I have to refrain from buying this at the grocery store every time I go in there 😅.

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