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Nesquik Snickers Flavored Chocolate Milk
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Snickers Dream
Snickers rich chocolate flavors with a hint of Carmel was nice and cold.It gave satisfaction like eating the candy bar . knowing this is better for me.Low in fat I would definitely recommend.
Tasted almost as a snickers
Just as the title says, this product almost taste like a snickers bar. Honestly if you did a blindfold taste test on this product I would have thought it was like a candy bar chocolate milk. Not snickers. I know you can’t really turn nuts into milk but you can taste almost a snicker bar.
I absolutely loved this! Had to have another after the first! It tasted absolutely amazing, and it wasn’t too sweet either! I think it was absolutely delicious 10/10!
Drink from heaven
A drinkable candy bar... One of the best candy bars to flavor it with too.
Delicious sweet chocolate milk
I loved this. My daughter did as well. It was creamy, sweet and was not panned with artificial flavor. I enjoyed this product as it was not as sweet as I thought it would be. I would highly recommend this product!!!!
It is delicious with just the right amount of chocolate and i love the flavor. the cover is amazing and did i mention how easy it is to carry around ! i would 10000 percent recommend!
Snickers milk
It was okay, didn't live up to my expetations. The flavor was good but the after taste wasn't the best. It kinda left a chalky aftertaste.
Yummy in my tummy
I'm not big on this brand but omg when I say this taste absolutely amazing even my kids loved it and they are picky. It's a great source of protein to you can't lose when drinking this
Best chocolate drink out there. Has more complex flavor than the basic chocolate. You can taste the Carmel in it. Very delicious. Myself and my daughter just can't drink enough of them.
Great drink
A good rich chocolate treat great taste. Protein,if you have a sweet tooth this is the drink for you.
This taste just like a snickers but in liquid form. I love it.
Taste awesome it was very smooth and tasty you really try it
Hits the spot
Creamy satisfying milk drink . I would definitely recommend this drink
It's just not the same.
I tried this for the first time last week. I don't think it tastes like snickers but it was good. That was a little disappointing because that's been my all time favorite go to snack.
It is very delicious but has an extreme nut sensation.

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