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Nesquik Snickers Flavored Chocolate Milk
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Creamy, nutty & delicious
This is probably my favorite chocolate milk right now. It literally taste just like a creamy Snickers. You can taste the caramel and nuts, too, just like a Snicker’s bar. Not only are these tasty, but the 14 ounce bottle has 14 grams of protein and FIFTY percent of your daily calcium.
Tastes good
I am a sucker for anything chocolate add snickers and I'm sold. I like the fact there is so much protein, but I didn't really like the taste. My husband is obsessed with it though.
We liked it
We try all things protein. This drink is pretty good especially if you have a sweet tooth. I wish it were a bit cheaper but I feel that way about alot of products. We would try these again. My kids enjoyed them as well as me and my ole man.
Not like a real snickers but it definitely s satisfying
My daughter who doesn’t like milk, actually liked this
Good Chocolate Milk
My girls and I are suckers for chocolate milk. We saw this at a gas station one afternoon and were all excited to try it, despite the price point. It’s a good tasting chocolate milk and is very creamy. However, there is little comparison to a Snickers, besides the name on the bottle. My daughter likes it better than TruMoo, but less than Nesquik.
Son loves it!
My son asked if we could try this, we got it home and it was gone in no time between the 3 kids. At 10, 15 and 20 they all loved them! Its like its own little treat and they all enjoyed it.
This is a delicious alternative to a milkshake and a candy bar! It's got the hint of all the Snicker's ingredients. I have definitely recommend this drink to my friends and they have enjoyed it as well.
Good taste
Super product.Good taste.The product like because small bottler and is ready to go
Snickers chocolate milk
It really didn’t taste like snickers , it was more of a chocolate chip
Definitely not snickers flavor
The Flavor is way off for a snickers. It is really not a good flavor to me. It is over sweet with a bitterness to it. I personally did like the thickness of it. I do wish it had less of the flavor and more milk to it though. I personally didn't realize it was a protein drink and I believe that may be why the flavoring is off also not sure. But I would be willing to try it in other flavors.
Too sweet
My kiddo is a sucker for junk food or anything sweetly delicious. He tried the snickers flavored milk and said it was too sweet and he world have preferred it semi frozen! Next time if we put in the freezer for a while he would enjoy it better.
Taste Great
How can you go wrong with a candy bar in a bottle. I love it. The taste is great.
Good, but not Special
I enjoyed it, but the thick texture might put others off. The rich chocolate candy flavor was slightly unique among chocolate milks, but it wasn’t particularly accurate to the flavor of a snickers bar- it lacked a nuttiness.
Not for me6
I love Snickers bars and honestly thought this would be awesome. The first sip i tool3 made my stomach turn and i couldn't finish it

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