4.6 5 0 15 15 Nestlé Nesquik Protein Power Chocolate Protein Milk Beverage has been relaunched under a new brand name, previously known as Nestlé Nesquik Protein Plus, and a redesigned 14-fl.oz. recyclable bottle featuring Nestlé Cocoa Plan logo and a Smartlabel QR code. The kosher certified product provides 23g protein per serving which is 64% more protein than regular Nesquik. It is made with grade A real milk from cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST and is said to be an excellent source of calcium.
Nestlé Nesquik Protein Power Chocolate Protein Milk Beverage
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Protein Milk
I love drinking this milk before a work it because it gives me the boost I need to finish a workout and it helps me feel less hungry after I have lost alot of calories and I love the flavors in this milk.
Not your typical protein shake!
I have one of these just about every morning with my breakfast. It tastes just like chocolate milk and not chalky! It definitely helps to stay full and satisfied to get me through my day. I highly recommend!
Nice product
I get these when Im traveling to help me not be so hungry in the car. They taste great and no weird aftertaste.
Smooth protein drink
This is not your typical powdery, clumpy protein drink. It's smooth, like chocolate milk is supposed to be. The flavor isn't remarkably different than the regular chocolate Nesquik, though I di sense a slight difference. Would live if they made a Double Chocolate Protein, since that IS my favorite! Also, the kids like it, so that's another plus.
Won't make you feel guilty having 1.......
I bought this to try because I am trying to follow a high protein / low sugar/ low fat diet. I loved this so much. I let the kids try and now I have them wanting my protein drinks on me. I love the chocolate flavor. Nice and smooth going down. At times I feel like I'am cheating on the diet but I'm not. If you love chocolate milk and need the protein go for it and try this.
Nestle review
I enjoyed drinking this and felt great after a long day of work. I prefer the strawberry one,but this was good. I see it all the time in the store, so I decided to try it. The brand is great and never disappointed with their products.
I really like these! They are chocolaty and smooth. Not thick like some. Very tasty. Recommended.
Flavor was good
The flavor was good but it was a bit too sweet for my taste.
Nestle does it again! Protein without the gritty texture and artificial taste. Great for a pre or post workout snack! Also, my son loves it, so a win win! Only thing I worry about is sugar-hence the 4 instead of 5 stars
Protein Power Nesquik is both delicious and very healthy.
Really good
I had the strawberry banana kind it was really good if you like stuff like that otherwise you'd probably not enjoy it I did I'd recommend it to anyone who likes shakes!
Cada ves que voy a ser mis compras nunca debe de faltar esto para mis hijos Les encanta
Sons love this! Tastes Great
I have 4 teen sons in athletics and they all have been drinking these prior to practice, it boost their engery and stamina, especially with a small meal.
Nestlé Nesquik Protein Power Chocolate Protein Milk Beverage. This is really good
i'd love to try this product it sounds so yummy!and I love chocolate!and I love anything nestle.!

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