4.4 5 0 7 7 Nestlé Nesquik Protein Power Chocolate Protein Milk Beverage has been relaunched under a new brand name, previously known as Nestlé Nesquik Protein Plus, and a redesigned 14-fl.oz. recyclable bottle featuring Nestlé Cocoa Plan logo and a Smartlabel QR code. The kosher certified product provides 23g protein per serving which is 64% more protein than regular Nesquik. It is made with grade A real milk from cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST and is said to be an excellent source of calcium.
Nestlé Nesquik Protein Power Chocolate Protein Milk Beverage
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Flavor was good
The flavor was good but it was a bit too sweet for my taste.
Nestle does it again! Protein without the gritty texture and artificial taste. Great for a pre or post workout snack! Also, my son loves it, so a win win! Only thing I worry about is sugar-hence the 4 instead of 5 stars
Protein Power Nesquik is both delicious and very healthy.
Really good
I had the strawberry banana kind it was really good if you like stuff like that otherwise you'd probably not enjoy it I did I'd recommend it to anyone who likes shakes!
Cada ves que voy a ser mis compras nunca debe de faltar esto para mis hijos Les encanta
Sons love this! Tastes Great
I have 4 teen sons in athletics and they all have been drinking these prior to practice, it boost their engery and stamina, especially with a small meal.
Nestlé Nesquik Protein Power Chocolate Protein Milk Beverage. This is really good
i'd love to try this product it sounds so yummy!and I love chocolate!and I love anything nestle.!

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