Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser/Mask

4.3 5 0 185 185 2-in-1 acne fighting product. Keeps blackheads away for up to three weeks.
Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser/Mask


Love love love
I absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products and services. These are the perfect little things to have around your house.
Great Skincare Product
This is an effective product. It has a light pleasant scent. It’s easy to apply onto My face. This helps reduce facial acne. My face looks clearer after one week. I would definitely recommend this product.
Helped acne
I had been using a different face wash for 8 week and my skin was breaking out horribly. I turned to this face wash and within a week my cystic acne was tremendously better. It’s not all clear, but it’s only been a week and I’ve seen so much improvement. Highly recommend this product!
Excellent product
This cleansing mask is excellent for removing blackheads from my nose, I also had some breakouts that resolved after constant use for a month. I loved it.
Great cleanser
This cleanser my face thoroughly and I enjoyed its scent and how it lathered all bubbly on my face which made me feel it definitely worked. I like this cleanser allot tho it isn’t my go to I still recommend it.
Ok for some
I love Neutrogena products as a whole but this definitely didn’t help with blackheads the way it’s advertised. It has a thicker gel consistency with harsh ‘exfoliating’ ingredients that feel like you’re scratching your skin as opposed to getting a deep clean. The beads can cause micro-tears in the skin surface leading to infection inflammation and irritation.
Pretty good stuff
I do have to say it was not the top blackhead remover that I have tried but it does work really well you don't have to use that much so therefore it lasts awhile if someone was looking into trying it I would suggest them to.
Film left on skin
This left a greasy film on my skin. It made my skin feel dirty. It did not help my acne at all. It made it worse. I definitely do not recommend this product. There are Neutrogena products that are must have that work amazing but this is not one of them. I wish I didnt lose my receipt to return this.
Black heads
I tried your black head cream and it broke my face in a rash. I was not impressed it took two weeks for my face to heal if you have very sensitive skin
Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser/Mask
Buen producto este blackhead mask lo uso mucho por las noches para limpiar las impurezas de mi rostro lo recomiendo mucho
Cool product, not sure it works both ways
I’ve used a few times at a friends house but I never got through a whole bottle of it myself. I was never impressed with it. It does feel drying and like it strips the skin of its natural oils. If you are going to use this as a cleanser or a mask then you definitely need to follow up with more skin care that’s gonna lock in moisture because this definitely takes your moisture away. It does have salicylic acid in it which is really good for acne but just make sure that you follow up with something else for moisture.I think it’s kind of an innovative product because you can use it as a cleanser or a mask. I’d love to see more products that could be used both ways. Very cool.
Neutrogena Skin360 App
I used the app and it recommended this product for me.I already see progress with my blackheads. I used it as a mask. Does not leave that leftover grimy feel. Would definitely recommend.
Love it!!
This is one of my favorites. Helps a lot with acne. My face always feels so clean after using this product.
Average facial cleanser
This product does its job to clean off any makeup, oil, or dirt. I really feel like this product is just average. I didn't see it make a difference in reducing my breakouts or blackheads.
Good product, strong smell
I love the Neutrogena Blackhead cleanser/mask because it works amazingly. The only thing is that I do not like the smell for some reason.

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