4.4 5 0 179 179 2-in-1 acne fighting product. Keeps blackheads away for up to three weeks.
Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser/Mask
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Cool product, not sure it works both ways
I’ve used a few times at a friends house but I never got through a whole bottle of it myself. I was never impressed with it. It does feel drying and like it strips the skin of its natural oils. If you are going to use this as a cleanser or a mask then you definitely need to follow up with more skin care that’s gonna lock in moisture because this definitely takes your moisture away. It does have salicylic acid in it which is really good for acne but just make sure that you follow up with something else for moisture.I think it’s kind of an innovative product because you can use it as a cleanser or a mask. I’d love to see more products that could be used both ways. Very cool.
Neutrogena Skin360 App
I used the app and it recommended this product for me.I already see progress with my blackheads. I used it as a mask. Does not leave that leftover grimy feel. Would definitely recommend.
Love it!!
This is one of my favorites. Helps a lot with acne. My face always feels so clean after using this product.
Average facial cleanser
This product does its job to clean off any makeup, oil, or dirt. I really feel like this product is just average. I didn't see it make a difference in reducing my breakouts or blackheads.
Good product, strong smell
I love the Neutrogena Blackhead cleanser/mask because it works amazingly. The only thing is that I do not like the smell for some reason.
Love Neutrogena 2-in-1 products!
Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser/Mask is one of my favorite products from Neutrogena. It's a great daily cleanser and amazing mask, easy to use and gentle on your skin. Great product!
This stuff is legit. My face is smooth and clear. Ive also noticed my pores have shrunk. I definitely recommend.
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.. It works, but it takes a while to work but you do see results.
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This product works amazing. My preteen children use it on their acne breakouts and it clears them up fast!
Omg I discover this product years ago and it help clear my skin
I prefer this mask as opposed to using it as a cleanser. Actually I usually apply it before showering so it's essentially both. It cools and tingles as it dries and the scent is quite strong but not unpleasant. It does dry me out so I can only use it like 3 or 4 times a week. If I break out more often I use it as a spot treat mask instead.
Great as a cleanser and mask keeps skin clear and is convenient have two products in one
I have tried this and it works great. Doesnt leave my face dry.
I have a combination skin, so acne and blackhead is constant headache for me, luckily i saw Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Cleanser/Mask, which i tried but according to my experience i didn't get much help for my issue, still seein black/ white heads on my nose and two / three on other part of my face. i think i need something more strong .

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