3.8 5 0 20 20 Moisturizing + Hydrating. Infused with Vitamin C + Vitamin E. Designed to leave lips feeling smooth and supple.
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Not Impressed, I'd skip it
I was not impressed with this lip mask. I liked the texture and it felt good while I had it on, but after I left it on for awhile it made my lips almost sting or burn. Once I removed it, my lips didn't feel soft, but they felt sticky.
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Good for a girlie spa day
The Neutrogena Collagen Kiss Lip mask was fun to put on and try. Qitht hat being said , I feel that it didn't add any additional moisture to my lips. I would purchase this for a fun girls Spa day.
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Neutrogena Kiss Lip Mask
The Neutrogena Collagen Kiss Lip Mask was very easy to use. It did a great job at moisturizing my lips. It is also a very cute idea.
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Great Product
I like the Neutrogena Collagen Kiss Lip Mask. This is the first lop mask I ever tried. It was so slippery with product that it was hard to keep it on my lips. But I like to eat it smell and my lips were very soft after using the lip mask. I would purchase this product and i would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.
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No product yet to title
I haven't received product in the mail yet as soon as I test it I can give a accurate review thank you
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Neutrogena Collagen Kiss Lip Mask.
Neutrogena Collagen Kiss Lip Mask made my lips very kissable. I liked that a lot. It was my first time trying it and it surprised me a lot.
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Pretty and Plump!
I love this lip mask! I actually got it in a subscription sample box and was so excited to see an affordable lip mask. Especially one that is effective. This unpredictable weather left my lips so dry, cracked and thirsty for moisture. In 10 minutes this lip mask, with Vitamins C and E, left my lips hydrated and so smooth.
So So
I received tight 6 product in the Walmart beauty box I get every season, I really didn't like this product, the design is poorly made and it's not something you could use while doing other things, you literally have to lay down and let it sit on your lips, the formula made my lips soft but it was just really inconvenient to use
Collagen lip mask
I recently tried Neutrogena's collagen lip mask. Worked well, however I prefer the previous brand I purchased because Neutrogena made their lip mask one piece instead of puting a tiny slit so you could talk or breathe
I love collagen lip masks & am always looking for more cost-efficient options so I tried this one. Definitely didn’t get the same results that I get from my lip mask staples. I didn’t stay put on my lips & didn’t really leave them as soft as I would have liked. It might work well for others, but it wasn’t quite for me.
It was a fun idea.
I bought this after reading some of the reviews. My lips are always chapped and bleeding. It was a neat idea but it didnt really help much. it felt nice on but I didnt notice any difference. I wouldn't buy it again.
No noticeable difference
Recently tried this product. I used it once as directed, but didn't really notice a difference once I was finished. Luckily its not terribly expensive.
makes my lips so fresh!
using this on my lips help them stay hydrated and not dry! love it!
Not for me
This was awkward to use. I didn't see any noticeable difference.

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