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Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen
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Great Daily Protection!
It was very moisturizing to my face! I live in Florida and as a result; am subjected to harmful rays on a daily basis. It's important that I am protected at all times. It provided all day protection for my face and left a glow to my skin after application. I didn't care for the sunscreen scent..I smelled like I had just come from the beach. Perhaps a lighter scent would be more desirable. I have been using this daily for the past week and really am impressed with the performance. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 due to the scent. Would definitely recommend to family and friends. Will definitely be purchasing in the future!
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Fully moisturized!
I love the smell. My face feels smoother and fully moisturized all day. My skin is more radiant and youthful. I love this product!
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Perfect moisturizer for me
I love how lightweight the moisturizer is. With it having 50 SPF sunscreen that is an added bonus. This moisturizer is perfect for me. It isn't too thick or sticky.
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Great moisturizer
This moisturizer provided great coverage and lasted all day. I could still feel my skin was moisturized at the end of the day. The spf was a nice added bonus!
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Good moisturizer
Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer goes on smooth, feels light not heavy and greasy. Leave skin feeling nice.
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This product works well!
It worked well and is leaving my skin sun burn free and soft
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Lightweight protection
Neutrogena® Healthy Defense® Daily Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen is a high quality product. I was able to easily apply it to my face and still wear makeup which is huge for me. I want to protect my skin but not compromise on beauty, either. The product was not sticky and did not clog my pores and I felt confident that my skin was protected!
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Neutrogena is the best.
Im very fair skinned. I have to have great coverage and this product never fails. It’s easy to apply which is a plus in a heavy cream. Love it! It feels weightless, but I know it’s working.
My go to facial spf
Dries quickly without greasy residue . It also doesn't break me out!
I used it for an entire 90 days!
Hi! I'm Mandie Mayhem. I know this seemed long to some, but to see if any addition or subtraction of products, habits, climate, hormonal skin or any of the day to day skin things we go through aren't the cause of any noticable skin improvements or detriments. I am thorough! The seasons: As a porcelain colored, green eyed, and sun lover; I must say I did love this those last days of humid, hot, no makeup due to melt warnings! It was INCREDIBLY hydrating and as the bottle says, SUPER SUN SAFE FOR MY FACE! However as we've transitioned into fall and now winter, it frankly isn't my favorite. My skin is like chalk board dust dry by November's end and this facial lotion just isn't up to snuff. Putting it on, you can still feel those REALLY dry spots still and are then forced to apply a secondary product! Which for anyone is senseless and expensive. I'm really sorry!! I LOVE neutrogena!!
Skin tight
very good on the skin, does not leave skin dry or too moist.
Fun in the sun
This product works great on adults but I am also eager for my little one to get here so I can try these products on her as well. Nothing beats a long day playing and having fun in the sun with no sun burn to damper the parade.
I use this just about everyday. It moisturizes and protects my skin.

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