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NEUTROGENA® Healthy Lips Lip Plumping Serum
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Hydrating and plumping
I struggle with chapped lips frequently, and I was surprised at how hydrating this product was. It feels very light and isn’t sticky, and the plumping effect was subtle and a nice touch.
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New Lips even your husband will notice
I like the product and the overall effects. It did really plump up my lips however the tingling sensation was a little off putting at first. The results were worth it. My lips were smoother and a lot more lucious after using this product and even my husband noticed the difference. I will definitely be a customer in the future
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Must buy for dry, chapped, winter lips
My lips get so dry and chapped in the winter. This works so well!! Nice light odor, stays on much longer than chapstick or Vaseline. This is a must buy!!
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Moisturizing and Plumping
This serum did everything it said - it made my lips a little fuller but more importantly, moisturized them in the super cold winter months.
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Softens Well
Neutrogena Healthy Lips Plumping Serum worked nicely to soften my lips and made them appear smoother. The plumping aspect wasn’t so noticeable. So I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re just looking for plumper lips.
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Neutrogena Lip plumping serum review
Not only I but my 13yr old daughter tried Neutrogena Lip Plumping serum and loved it. It did plump the lips a little bit but not quite as much as lip injection that we usually use.
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Plumper pout without the pain
Left my lips feeling and looking naturally fuller, didn't dry them out or sting horribly like some other products I've tried. It is super easy to use and convenient to throw in your hand bag while on the go!
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good stuff
Overall, it is a great product and the applicator is amazing. It feels so soft and just glides on. The price was a little more then what I usually pay for lip treatments but it is worth it, believe me.
LOVE!!! 😘
This is such a good product because it really moisturize your lips without leaving this ugly aftertaste.I have been having really dry lips lately but this lip product has been really helping and now my lips are smooth and soft. I would highly recommend this product.
great for chapped lips
It moistens the lips perfectly to prep for lipstick. Lipstick glides on easily and evenly. The plumping serum elevates lipstick. This is great for anyone who has chapped lips as well. It's completely tasteless and odorless. This helps heal dry cracked lips for those who suffer.
Made me feel so great! It was quenching goodness!!!
Makes you feel like the paparazzi is following you around... Beautiful, just stepped off the runway

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