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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream
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Long lasting and Lightweight!
I work in an office setting and deal with paper alot which just takes the moisture and oils right out of my hands causing them to be dry and cracked more often than not. I use hand cream but I have to reapply it so often because I'm always typing or holding my water bottle or a ton of papers and it just doesn't last. I loved the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream. It is a lightweight formula that doesn't feel heavy on your hands and soaks well into my skin. I put it on in the morning after my morning routine and don't have to apply again until I go to bed at night. I love this stuff! Cant wait to try it out in the winter weather!
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Instant Hydration
I love this hand cream. It's so amazing it's a lightweight gel that instantly absorbs into your skin. It's The first gel cream I've used. I love it
Great for dry skin
I love this because it doesn't dry my skin out but still gives a clean feel. Pairs great with the hydroboost gel creams!
I was given samples of this product from my dermatologist to try. And loved it. It left my hands very soft even with one drop of it. It also leave your hands very moisturized for a good while. That is one thing I really liked about it
Neutrogena Hand Gel Cream
The gel cream was really interesting and different. I didn't think it would moisturize my hands with the way it feels when I put it on, but it works great! My hands were soft and not greasy, which I'm a stickler for when it comes to lotions on my hands. This gel cream is wonderful on hands!
BEST moisturizing hand lotion!
I absolutely LOVE this hand lotion! Neutrogena has such great products and they did an excellent job with this one as well. I love that it is a gel instead of a lotion, first of all. I can't stand having slippery, sticky, oily, or heavy feeling lotion on my hands (or on my body for the matter). This gel lotion moisturizes and absorbs into your skin without leaving any greasy, sticky or oily residue. I have very dry and itchy skin but this product makes my skin so supple and soft for hours. A little goes a long way!
Great for Normal Dryness
This is a pleasant hand lotion. I really love the gel cream formula and how it feels like water absorbing into your skin. I also love the scent that had a subtle swimming pool quality to it ( in a positive way, a light chlorinated water scent that makes me nostalgic and happy). I have severe dryness to my fingers and hands that crack open and are painful and worse in winter from working in a restaurant for 4 years and being in water all the time. If you deal with severe dryness this isn't going to touch it or it didn't for me. It is soothing and feels good applied but it soaks in quickly and doesn't help to heal like other hand creams. For normal dry hands this is a lovely product and can't go wrong with it. For severe dry hands stick with the brand but they make a hand cream for worse conditions. So yes I recommend this for regular dryness but not for severe cases.
Crema de manos
Me compré la crema de manos Hydro boost por que tengo contacto con producto quimicos y agua todo el tiempo y mis manos tienden a resecarse en especial en épocas de frio y esta crema me mantiene la piel de mis manos humectada por largo tiempo.
Awesome relief
I really enjoyed this for effectiveness in cleaning & hydrating my hands! My hands tend to stay dry, so it’s very nice having this product on hand!
Great product!
I love love love this Neutrogena product! The smell is soft and subtle. It makes your hands feel extremely soft.
Smell is awesome
I love the smell of this product. It is super hydrating too.
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