4.9 5 0 19 19 Available in an assortment of shades and finishes, these eyeshadows are highly pigmented and easy to wear. Buildable, blendable, werable shades in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes.
Neutrogena Matte Eye Shadow
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Love it!!
This was smooth and soft. Loved the color. Had plenty in there for a while of wearing this. Loved the case it came in and it stayed on for all day wear.
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The color (dusty mauve 30) I received is beautiful. It’s feels extremely nice & doesn’t have a lot of fall out. My only issue w/ it is that I wish it was slightly more pigmented, other than that I loved the eyeshadow.
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Neutrogena Matte Eye Shadow is very easy to apply and the color is outstanding.Lasts all day,easy to take off and is now my favorite!
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Stunning Flow
Omg Neutrogena has steeped its game up I mean not only did it fit perfectly with my skin but but it been a neutral looking color to me was outstanding I am now a new customer of anything that Neutrogena puts out.
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Incredible quality, Go buy this!!
I was so surprised by how great this eyeshadow was. The formula is silky and is the first I've ever used that went on without leaving any traces underneath my eyes. It was amazing! I barely had to blend it, and the color was highly pigmented and gorgeous. I am absolutely in love with this eyeshadow and definitely will be buying it in the future. It is much better than many of the "high-end" expensive shadows I have tried in the past.
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Smoking Shadow!
I love this shadow! It is not streaky and goes on smoothly and lasts a long time. I would like to recommend an applicator be included.
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Eye shadow
I love how sleek the eye shadow looks. It is beautiful on and I absolutely just love it+
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Nice eye shadow by neutrogena
I loved the color and how it went on and the overall look.
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My fav
My new fav shadow. The feeling of this shadow is awesome. It’s perfect when it goes on. I like that there ain’t much fall out. It did take a few times to get the pigment I wanted other than that yes I would recommend to friends
Great color
I felt like this Neutrogena Matte Eye Shadow had really nice color that was bold but still natural looking. I also felt like was really easy to apply and lasted without rubbing off
Great product
Another great product from Neutrogena. This product went on smoothly with no cracks. I've bought a few different colors, no disappointments here. I would recommend this product.
Great for eyeshadow primer
I do not leave my house without some element of makeup. Even when I look as if I have no makeup on my face, I still have a face of base makeup. I am approaching 50 and my skin now is pretty uneven with some dark spots and red undertones. The biggest most important part of my makeup application is foundation and eye makeup. I know you're not supposed to apply foundation on the tops of your eyelids, but I truly HAVE to do this because my eyelids need the full coverage in a bad way. I can even now see veins due to thin skin on my lids. So, to ensure that I can use the foundation all over my face (including lids), I always powder my lids with a light coat of eye priming powder (by Laura Mercier) and then apply this matte light colored eyeshadow all over the lids. THen apply this to lids to use as a eyeshadow base or if a low makeup day, I am finished with eyes.
Stays on all day
They eye shadow is the best! It stays on all day long! It’s nice to try a product that actually works how it’s supposed to.
Love the color
I loved the color , I’m a big brown/ nude color fan & this blended into my kids great .

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