4.9 5 0 82 82 Clears breakouts and helps prevent new ones.
Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash
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Effective, Renewal, Soothing
My husband was very frustrated after trying so many products that would not work to clear, improve or provide relief for his breakouts until Neutrogena Men Acne Wash came to the rescue! Wonderfully powerful to provide fast results! His skin had an amazing renewal of clear, smooth, acne free, & clear! And I love that his self confidence was & has restored which means to much to daily life! Amazing product! Thank you Neutrogena!
Husband loves it. I love it too.
Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash with salicylic acid really does wonders for my husband's skin and was good for my skin as well.
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Yes I bought this stuff for my husband Eddie Neutrogena acne wash one best product you can use it really works it took him a week and all acne was off face I d was amazing of it I hope get bottle sample it keep on hand if happen again
I purchased this bc I felt like I needed something different. This works really well. Up I use it in the morning and at night. It's helped with those under the skin pimples and breakouts.
Someone I know started using this and his skin now looks much better so it def works!
My hubby is hard please when it comes to face washes. He loves this one!! He has skin issues with red patches. He does use medicine on his face along with this wash. It does wonders for him.
I think i must to try this one, because i have bad acnes and it make me not confident, so if i can try this product, i hope i can live normally like other teens in indonesia. Thanks
I would like to try it because me an my husband need something that's going to work.
Would like to try for teenage son he has acne and haven’t found anything that works
I would like to review this . I would like to try this for my son whom is a teen and going through man phases of life
Neutrogena skin clearing acne wash for man does the job
I ‘d like to have my son try out this product, he is a teenager!
I would really like to try this product, my fiance and I both suffer from unmanageable breakouts periodically. Based off other reviews I feel this product would help tremendously
I’d really love for my teenage son to try this before buying it. We have tried sooo many other kinds and we use a lot of nutrogena items. Can we PLEASEEE sample this

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