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Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser
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Love this One Step Cleanser!
Neutrogena's One Step Gentle Cleanser does it all! It removes dirt and oil, as well as all of my makeup at the end of the day. It's so soft and gentle too. It washes off easily and no scrubbing involved. Another great Neutrogena Cleanser!
Waaaaay too oily for me . When it came time to clean off my eye makeup ,I would cringe. It was just so oily. It felt like wiping my eyes with olive oil. My face is oily as it is. So to clean off makeup with oily remover, no point.
I just bought that cleanser 2 weeks ago, but I really like its. Skin fells so good after hard day and so clean ;)
This is my go to cleanser over all other store bought cleansers!!! It cleans and refreshes my face and doesn’t dry it out!!! I Use this in the am, after my workout, and in the pm.
great product lives up to its claims hands are refreshed and skin is younger looking
This is my new cleanser. I love it. My face felt clean and soft.
Absolutely would love to try this out cleanser............
I love Neutrogena's products and the new "One Step Cleanser" is something I would love to try. I have dullness to my skin right now and I'm in need of a good skincare regiment and starting with a cleanser I know is important. What better to try is this cleanser from Neutrogena, which makes their products hypoallergenic, something I tend to lean towards to when looking to using cosmetics or skincare. I hope I'm given the opportunity to test this product!
Would love to try this because my face gets flakey and makeup removers I've tried did not get all my makeup up properly..
Los productos de neutro vena son muy buenos a mis hijos les cae muy bien y este nuevo también va a estar bien lo vamos a provar
Creo que estoy atrás hay muchos productos de neutrogena me gustaría probarlos
im tired of clean and clear the beeads get in my eyes and the soap is uncomftorable so i would like to add somthing new to my life/reggiment,can i please be picked for a trial offer /product sample here
I have never tried any make up removal and I really want to try this product.
i would like to try this! im sorry but i dont see how a facial cleanser can also be such a great makeup remover in only one step! for me, i scrub off makeup with remover wipes, then wash my face with a cleanser, followed by an astringent to be sure all makeup and dirt are removed. skeptical? yes i am. i dont see how this would work, sorry. i need proof of this one!
this is a product I would very much like to try. Not only for me, but my teenage daughter who likes to do makeup. We use cleaning clothes, but they don't always get eye makeup off.

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