4.7 5 0 43 43 Highly pigmented, quick-drying liquid eyeliner with flexible brush for effortless application. Water-resistant and doesn’t fade, flake or smudge.
Neutrogena Precision Liquid Eyeliner
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Precision is exactly precise
When I'm doing my makeup I use this liner to make my cat eye when putting on a dramatic eyeshadow palette it gets the cat eye line so nice and neat and you dont have to have a steady hand because it's so precise.
Excellent Eyeliner
I love this liquid eyeliner! I'm able to create clean looking lines easily with the ultra fine tip! The eyeliner pen releases a smooth and steady amount of ink so there is no smudging! It dries quickly and stays on all day! I don't need to reapply either! Another great feature is that it's waterproof! I don't have to worry about it smearing from sweat!
This mascara is the best I have ever used,it goes on right,does not run,and does not smire,I buy this product everytime I need mascara.thank u for an awesome product.
Great Choice Liquid eyeliner
The design of this liquid eyeliner makes the application process a beautiful escape from other eyeliners I have used in the passed that make it more of a chore than a simple everyday task. It dries quickly which is one of the most important factors (in my opinion) when finding a good liquid liner. Its smudge free and also easy as 123 to remove. If you are a beginner to using liquid eyeliner; this is definitely one product I would recommend to ensure you still get a sleek line and an overall beautiful look without having to go back and retrace any oopsie mistakes along the way.
Best Eyeliner Ever
This eyeliner can make the most precise winged line ever! Eyeliner has always been my favorite part of my makeup routine and this liquid eyeliner pen makes it so easy and simple.
Felt great
Felt tip was very easy and glides really well on my eye lids.
Eyes to die for
This is the perfect eyeliner for the girls who like to rock a wing or whatever other styles they like. It’s precise so the name fits perfectly! It allows me to draw a beautiful cat eye, draw dramatic or even just a subtle wing. You can do basically any style of eyeliner art with this pencil. It is definitely a must-have in my makeup collection from now on.
Liquid Eyeliner
I personally was not a big fan of this eyeliner because when it's brand new its almost as if you don't get the fine line definition that you may be looking for because the felt tip is too wet. I also didnt care for the way it felt once it was dry, almost as if it was pulling the skin like dried glue or paint.
Bold and beautiful
I’m very very picky when it comes to liquid eyeliner. The applicator is the first thing I look at. I can only use certain tips! Especially when I choose a winged finish and I’m far from a professional creating a wing! This is the tip that works best for me and my hand! I can get staring perfect lines. I can’t use the brush style ones what so ever. I also would like to add this formula is nice. Some brands of eyeliner look like a dull paint and that’s far from the case here!
Great product
I bought this eyeliner and then repurchased. This is a great eyeliner for your everday use.
Dries too quick
I wanted to try Neutrogena's liquid eye liner because I tried a couple other brands and I was looking for the one that I liked. I did not like this liquid eye liner because it dried too fast on me and it was making me mess up. Also liquid eye liner is supposed to be wet but not too wet and I had to keep trying to shake the liquid to the top.
Easy to apply, even without a mirror (if you're good at makeup). Cat-eyes are easy and the product doesn't smudge easily. My only concern is that the product fades out slightly when drawing long lines and isn't full. All in all, a great product for everyone who calls for an affordable eyeliner (I got mine for $6 at Walmart)!
Precise makes perfect
Very good predict makeup tool U would recommend to a friend
got to have it , would love to have it . Would you Please send a sample to Sherri Leach 34 Annadea rd Brockton, ma.02302 Thank you very much.

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