4.7 5 0 39 39 Renewing Pear & Green Tea Shower and Bath Gel softens and conditions skin without a heavy leave-behind residue.
Neutrogena Renewing Shower and Bath Gel Pear & Green Tea Rainbath
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I have used the rainbath original for over 20 years now, this is a new fragrance and i am happy with it, thank you Neutrogena.
Love this
Supper clean smell. Clear all mack up marks. Leaves your skin feel rich and moisturized. Bought this a second time. There is no improvements needed. Love this. I do recommend this.
I love this!!
I bought a 4 pack of Rainbath at Costco, 4 different types but wow, all of them were wonderful. They smelled beautiful, nice lather, and it leaves your skin nice and clean. I also used it for baths which made it into more of a bubble bath and it had a nice aroma to it! I'm definitely going out and getting more.
Lovely soap
This body wash is lovely. Lathers into a fancy foam. Smells amazing. A little goes a long way. Trusted brand. Skin feels soft and clean.
I really like neutrogena shower gel. Makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my skin.
Omg I love this body wash . It cleans so nice and gentle. It rinses off fast and easy with no greasy feel. My skin is left soft with a nice clean feel and mild yet clean scent.
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I love Neutrogena, this product makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized. Paired with the oil they are the best duo. Sometimes when I use the duo I don't have to use lotion which I think is great. Smells amazing and price is fair
I love this body wash. It is great for my dry skin. It smells amazing and refreshing!
I love this scent! Neutrogena always leaves my skin feeling clean unlike other body washes that leave my skin feeling 'gunky.' And its better/safer for your body then a bunch of chemicals other products use.
In 1 word...Amazing! Have u ever found something perfect for u? Well...this is it! I love this.
Nice Scent. This scent is very pleasant, not so much pear but a fresh scent. It lathered nicely & without much product. It rinsed easily and cleanly. After, my skin was soft. This is NOT like the original Rainbath oil, however. The oil keeps your skin way softer & smoother than this. This is a nice change when you want to try different scents in your bath products. Packaging is pretty, "tall", looks good on your ledge and has a soothing green color. Pump is handy & uncommon in a body wash.
This product is pretty awesome. Smells amazing and you feel so clean! And i love the bottle!
After a long day and you just wanna relax this is what you need for it
Neutrogena Renewing Shower and Bath Gel Pear & Green Tea Rainbath is absolutely invigorating! I am always sleepy for my morning shower, just going through the motions. Since I added Neutrogena Renewing Shower and Bath Gel Pear & Green Tea Rainbath to my life, my morning shower just wakes me up. The scent is so pleasant, the bath gel feels great tingling on my skin and I just feel energized. I love everything about this bath gel! This is a keeper!

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