Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Foaming Facial Cleanser

4.7 5 0 345 345 Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser is dermatologist developed for daily cleansing of sensitive skin and uses skin-friendly technology to remove excess oil, dirt, and makeup while protecting skin's natural moisture barrier.
Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Foaming Facial Cleanser


My Favorite
I really love this product. Very Gentle on skin. Smooth and silky. Easy to wash off after done. After 2-3 weeks of continuous use it has made my skin really soft and bright.
Deep cleans gently
I use Neutrogena a lot for my facial cleansing needs at this point in my life. I'm in my forties and find that being gentle to my skin wise, as well as moisturizing it! This cleaner delivers on both of these fronts, and I use it twice a day. I don't personally have sensitive skin, but I know this is great for those with it!
This is such a good face wash! I love to use it in the shower! Helps remove dirt, oil, makeup, and so much more! Great for all skin types and good to use in the morning and at night
Cleanses without stripping skin
I wanted to try a product that would help cleanse my oily skin but at the same time, not strip my skin of all of its oil. A ton of face washes will leave your face feeling tight but not this great one from Neutrogena, it’s gentle enough to use multiple times a day and will leave your skin feeling refreshed.
Neutrogena Skin360 App
I used the Neutrogena skin 360 app and it recommended this product for me. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and leaves me feeling clean and refreshed.
Gentle on skin!
This is a great product for sensitive skin like mine. It doesn’t hurt the skin and is very gentle. I love how your face feels so clean after using!
Face washing
I have very sensitive skin. This is one of the face washes that doesnt irritate my skin. I usually buy it at Target. I wouldn't change anything. I would recommend this face wash.
My Dermatologist gave me a free sample of this product and I have been buying the bigger bottles ever since and super inexpensive! I get a bottle to last me almost 2 months maybe even more before I replace it
Works great!
This product thoroughly cleanses without disrupting the skin's natural moisture balance. The formula doesn't strip the skin while it removes makeup, dirt, and oil. It does not irritate nor over-dry skin. It is dye-free, sosp-free, hypoallergenic, and won't clog pores. Rinses clean, leaving skin ready to be prepped for skincare.
I love Neutrogena!!
I love how it’s so gentle but also works really well in cleaning your face because there was just a noticeable difference. I think it is great and I would definitely recommend it.
Favorite cleanser
I have to say that every single product I have purchased from Neutrogena has been excellent. This product is no exception. If you have sensitive skin then this is the perfect cleanser for you. I have mild rosacea but this cleanser does not irritate my skin or strip it of moisture. I also appreciate how my skin is left supple and moisturized after I use this. It is an excellent cleanser and I highly recommend it.
Amazing great on skin dose not dry out perfect for glowing skin. Soft formula even for sensitive skin like my sisters. Just wish there was more foam. Totally recommend. So happy about this product.
Very gentle product!
I sometimes use an exfoliating cleanser during the day but I wanted a product I could use at night and did not want to exfoliate twice in a day so I decided to try this product. I really like it. It's a really gentle cleanser and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth after using it. I use it most nights beofre bed. I recommend trying it.
Gently cleanses
I absolutely love this cleanser. It is so gentle on my skin. My face gets super sweaty throughout the day so I wash often. Every other cleanser eventually dried my skin out, with this cleanser I can wash multiple times and my face is left feeling hydrated and not irritated.
Love this product Neutrogena so it's TRUE what it say gentle and even better it's for sensitive skin like mine that something very important to me very important cuz my skin well react fast if something was wrong but no this is good

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