2.3 5 0 6 6 No Fade Fresh Color Depositing Shampoo is described as a refreshing and maintaining formula for colored hair, and claimed to instantly add purple tones to purple, platinum, light dark blonde, lightest brown hair or highlights, leaving a healthy, brighter and lighter result, with no fading. The formula features the Bondheal technology to repair bonds in the hair from the inside out, and reducing breakage and healing damaged hair from effects of bleach and coloring. Formulated without sulfate, paraben or cruelty, the vegan product retails in a 6.4-fl. oz. pack bearing a QR code. It is available in the shade Purple.
No Fade Fresh Color Depositing Shampoo
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Not a fan!
This isn’t the stuff you want to buy from a store this is something that needs to be taken care of in a salon so don’t chance it and take your hair to the salon and have them help!
Hate it
This stuff made my hair very greasy. Not sure why. I washed and blow dryer my hair Tryed it on many attempts thinking it was something I did but always went to straight oil. and for some reason turned my hair blue and not purple
So it's nothing special. There is a million products just like it. They all promise to keep your color longer. I've never found a product that actually does. But it smells good and leaves hair soft.
Pretty good!
I was a little worried to try this at first only because I try to take really good care of my hair, but I actually happened to really like it! Honestly I do recommend and think it’s a good product!
I dye my hair so this could help with the coloring staying
I would love to try this product will be soon as I can

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