3.2 5 0 56 56 Great shaving value for super smooth skin. Aloe vera & vitamin E lube strips for sensitive skin.
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Great razor
This is my normally purchased razor and I enjoy it and a great price.
Nothing Special but Effective
Large pack is a great deal. Razors do get dull, but bulk package gives a deal where it is not expensive to throw away once it starts to get dull.
Worked for fine hairs.
This is a good razor to use in a pinch. I grabbed one from the pack to bring on a weekend trip. It worked well for fine hairs on my legs but was not as effective on my armpits. My armpits were left with stubble and razor burn. I am a fan of Noxzema products so I will definitely keep trying the new products they bring out.
Noxzema Triple Blade Razor
These budget razors shave well. But, if you have sensitive skin you might want to avoid these. The lubrication strip did not agree with my skin and left a rash afterwards. It did however remove all of the stubble with no nicks or cuts.
Noxzema Razors
One of the best economical razors out there. It isn't as easy on the skin as the Venus or Intuition razors, but for the price- it's a good razor.
It's not bad for the price
I actually liked it it's cheap so you get what you pay for
I really liked using the Noxzema razors. They had a coconut oil lube strip on them that helped not to irritate my legs after shaving. I also think that they are a good value for the money. I would recommend them.
Do not like these. It took forever for them to shave my legs. I wrote into company with that complaint got my money back. Recently they sent me more because they said they had improvements and still didn't shave very well.
I have bought this razor many times. It is not my go to razor because I am a brunette with course, dark hair. I have to shave every day. The Noxzema 3 blade razor is a good razor. It gave me a really nice smooth shave and let my skin really soft with virtually no nicks. For the price is it is a very economical razor. I prefer a 5 blade razor for my fast growing, hairy legs and pits!!! But if I need to I will purchase in the future when I cant get my go to razor!!
Las he probado y no me gustaron. No funcionan bien para mi.
Love these razors. Great close shave, reasonably priced.
Excelente navajas mejores que otras mucho más caras , duran bastante , y siempre con cupones dentro de los paquetes . Excellent shaver!!!. Package comes always with great coupons you also have a choice to get 2, 3 or 4 blades love it . Better than those pricey shavers .
These razors don't last very long. They get dull and the shave November s not close enough for me.
Tried these and my husband did as well, neither one of us liked them. Didn't shave good.
I found that with only 3 blades, you don't get the best shave. Handle was fine.

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