3.1 5 0 37 37 Great shaving value for super smooth skin. Aloe vera & vitamin E lube strips for sensitive skin.
Noxzema® Shavers
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Excelente navajas mejores que otras mucho más caras , duran bastante , y siempre con cupones dentro de los paquetes . Excellent shaver!!!. Package comes always with great coupons you also have a choice to get 2, 3 or 4 blades love it . Better than those pricey shavers .
These razors don't last very long. They get dull and the shave November s not close enough for me.
Tried these and my husband did as well, neither one of us liked them. Didn't shave good.
I found that with only 3 blades, you don't get the best shave. Handle was fine.
I caught these on sale and was very pleased. I had already tried the twin blade and like it pretty well also.
These razors are ok but not my favorite.I guess you get what you pay for
These are ok but they get dull so easy and found other razors that work better on my legs but a great price
Very excellent products and for any one its good and they last longer.
As far as products I have tried go, I'd have to give these the worst review. Spend the extra money ladies on something else, your legs and pits will thank you.
Love the razor, even when it got old it did not cut or pinch my skin. Purchased more!!
They work as well as any other 3 blade razor. Price is pretty good though, compared to some out there for what you get.
Great product, low price. Love the triple blades, Nice close shave
I have always been a big fan of Noxzema products! the razors are great skin feels soft and smooth when you are finished
I tried this but didn't like them. I feel like he handle is bigger than it should be due to the fact that the razor blades are so small. They didn't give me a good shave either.
They are great and love the close shave and the price is hard to beat

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