Nylabone Classic Puppy Chew Flavored Durable Dog Chew Toy Peanut Butter & Chicken Flavor

4.5 5 0 246 246 Encourage positive chewing habits from the start with our Peanut Butter and Chicken Chew Toy Twin Pack! Easy for the tiniest dogs to hold and carry, each long lasting chew toy is packed with flavor: one in yummy peanut butter and the other in irresistible chicken. Your puppy will love this sweet-and-savory combo. These dog chew toys are made of softer, flexible material just for puppies! Plus, the bristles raised during chewing promote clean teeth and help control plaque and tartar buildup. Start your teething puppy off right with our sturdy chew toys! <li>Flexible chew toys help with puppy teething while cleaning teeth and freshening breath <li>Nylon dog toy satisfies the natural urge to chew <li>Keeps puppies busy and helps prevent destructive chewing <li>Chew toy for puppies up to 15 pounds <li>Flavored dog chew contains delicious peanut butter and chicken flavor dogs love</li>
Nylabone Classic Puppy Chew Flavored Durable Dog Chew Toy Peanut Butter & Chicken Flavor


My pup ignored his Nylabone
I purchased the Nylabone puppy chews for my Shih Tzu when he was a puppy to help with teething but he didn't care for them. He was big into chewing up books, plastic sunglasses, and plastic drink bottles, so I bought the Nylabone chews with the hope he'd stop chewing items that could potentially harm his little puppy belly. Unfortunately, he ignored his Nylabone chews, along with the other puppy teething chews I bought him. I thought he'd like the Nylabone chews since he was so into chewing up anything plastic, but he ignored the chews instead. As far as chews go, my pupper loves bully sticks so I give him those but anything rubbery he doesn't care for. Some dogs seem to love Nylabone chews, but mine just didn't. If your puppy is chewing up the entire house then go ahead and give these a try, they're cheap and won't harm anyone.
Good for puppy and older puppys
If you like myself have a puppy an a big puppy myself have a 8 weeker an a 1 year old Brother an Sister, same mom n dad a year apart and they both like chewy like bully sticks, poll hides, an those types of chewys. But they do enjoy chewing on these but not for extended lengths of time, don't know if it's AdHd or just bored of it, but if you have.fyr loves that like to chew, I would recommend purchasing at least 1 pack to try, don't Necessary recommend the peanut butter ones mine didn't care for those tasting 1s. But your fur babies might be different. Just my experience in these. It's wroth a try.
My dog loves this!!
My dog is a chewer and pretty big (~65lbs). She absolutely loves her nylabone, and even when we put it in the bottom of her toy basket to try to make her play with something else, she still finds the nyla bone and prefers that.
Durable and long lasting
I have purchased Nylabone chews for my dogs since their puppy years to adulthood. They keep my dogs interested, and are very durable for aggressive chewers. Of course they don't last forever, nor should they be expected to. After a few weeks of regular chewing the ends can get splintered and sharp. Throw them out at that point before your dog injures themselves via gum bleeding.
This didnt make the cut
My fur baby has a few nylabones but this was not it for her. I'm not sure what the problem was but she gave it a few minutes of sniffing and chewing then put it in her bin with all the other items she doesn't bother with. After trying to give it to her for 4 days I left it there to being that's where I find it. She is a bit picky so I find we test alot of stuff out and I end up donating them. All I can say is trying this one out was a what the woof moment for her.
Nylabone Peanut Butter & Chicken
All 3 of my dogs fell in love with them. Peanut butter was the favorite. We will be purching more. Treat for for my dogs. Thank you.
My dog absolutely loves these bones!! These bones are great for aggressive chewers, they are extremely durable and last for several months. The bones keep him busy between meals, He’s even lost a few pounds by reducing the amount of treats he gets throughout the day.I highly recommend!!
They're just okay.
All 3 of my dogs lose interest after a little while. I think it's because they're too indestructible and hard. If the bone had a filling in it that was not processed and as natural as possible like peanut butter, I think my dogs would be more on board.
Long lasting
I have 5 medium to large size dogs of varying ages at my house. Most of them are chewers. These nylabone chews are great. It keeps them busy chewing and quiet while I work.
My puppy lived this it kept him from chewing on other things and was a good trainer to stop him from chewing on other things
Small Dogs
I have Chiweenies this was the perfect size for them they loved the taste of both and would pass them back and forth. I will be buying again.
Too hard
I have tried these on 2 different dogs. They liked the smell, took a lick, and or a chomp and that was it. They were stepped on or laid on daily but never chewed. I would not waste my money again. I have to assume it is the feel, like a texturL issue people have, that made them not want to use them.
NylaBone Review
These bones are fantastic. Our dogs love them! They are great for dogs, like ours & also puppies, that are unable to chew on rawhide cuz they will choke! These bones work great. Keep them busy, occupy thier time & give them something to do. Our dogs are unable to have most other bones as they get stuck in thier throats. English Bulldogs! These bones work great. Satisfies them & u are able to get stuff done while they are busy w/out worrying about them choking. We love these bones around our house!
Dog Says Yes
These didn't last long that's for sure! These are VERY popular in my household!
Peanut butter bone
I had two puppies that were chewing everything in site until I bought a couple packages of these bones. They were able to chew as much as they wanted to without destroying our furniture. Each end had a knowledge look to it but the majority of the bone remained intact. I recommend this brand. Even for puppies.

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