4.7 5 0 155 155 Our Cran·Pineapple™ Cocktail packs in the crisp, refreshing flavour of cranberry and the sweet, tropical taste of pineapple.
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It's Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray has a reputation has a reputation to protect. I've used it for years and will continue to. There's just none like it. Period.
Great taste
I really love Ocean Spray 100% Juice, Cran-Pineapple because it has really great ubique blended taste that is sweet but still natural. I like that this product has really great balanced flavor that is natural and fresh made
Great taste
Loved the combination of cranberry juice with pineapple juice. Made the drink sweeter and more refreshing. Drank it mostly in mornings but sometimes as a snack. Very yummy. Would purchase again.
we love the taste of this plus it is 100 percent jucie which is something i look for instead of a jucie drink but this has just the right amout of sweetness and flover which is great
OceanSpray did it now, if you love cranberry and pineapple mixed together. All I can say is it's the best.
Too sour!
For my taste I find this juice too sour. So I do not recommend it! But if you like sour taste is perfect!
Love It!
I love the combination,Pineapple is my favorite fruit & Cranberry my favorite juice ,so what a win win for me! I was pleased how the two blended together!! Will definitely buy again!
I love cranberries
I love most cranberry juice. My daughter and I both love this one. The pineapple cuts the tartness and makes it amazing.
New Fav
So I grabbed a bottle of this whole grocery shopping because I've been suffering from kidney stones. I don't usually like to drink strait up cranberry juice so with it having pineapple in it I decided to give it a try. I love this. It has a nice sweet taste, the cranberry doesn't over power it. I will continue to purchase this juice.
So good!
I love this! It tastes so good & is much better than just plain cranberry juice when you need to drink cranberry juice!! Not too acidic to bother my morning sickness either!!
Sweet & Sour
I hate cranberry juice but can tolerate it in blends such as this. I absolutely love pineapple juice so I was excited to try this. While it was a nice blend, the cranberry was still overpowering in the end leaving a somewhat sour aftertaste. It wasn't enough to keep me from drinking it though...I just added it to my adult beverage to make it go down better. :)
Great juice!
Delicious, the flavors are perfectly balanced. My kids loved it!
Taste great
Ocean spray crane pomograte juice taste great but this is not 100 % real juice. Its good to have once or twice in a week. But I prefer eating fruit itself.
Early morning pick me up
I love the subtle blend of the juice mix. Does not have an aftertaste.
Too Seet for ME!
I'm all for 100% natural for most products on the market. This juice has a combination off all kinds of fruits (cranberry, pineapple, grapes, pears) and made from concentrated fruits. With this amount of concentrated fruits in one drink is was too much for me. If you like super sweet fruit drinks than you will love this!

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