OFF! Deep Woods Towelettes

4.7 5 0 167 167 Each towelette features a formula containing 25% DEET. The unique towelette design makes carrying them a quick and simple process--simply place them in the car or supply kit.
OFF! Deep Woods Towelettes


Convenient and Effective
We've been using OFF! Deep Woods Spray for years, and were eager to try the towelettes. Couldn't find them locally, so ordered them for free home delivery. Wow! OFF! Deep Woods Towelettes are awesome!! So convenient and no-mess to use. Just open a pack and wipe. They are as effective as the spray version and have the added bonus of being able to pack some in your bag, pocket, whatever, and carry them with you. They take up no space and you don't have to worry about accidentally triggering a spray top and making a mess. Excellent!!
Works great
So, I actually really dislike the smell of bug repellent. Off particularly lol. I have tried every other bug repellant possible. None of them work. We go camping and hiking a lot and I have 3 sons. These wipes make life so much easier. They also work so well, I don't have to worry about my boys while were out and about. I love these.
Great purchase
I like the wipes because they are so much easier to take on the go.. very compact.
OFF! Deep Woods Towelettes
Where I live it has been a rainy summer creating more mosquito than usual and these wipes to the job and keeping them away also because they are wipe you do not have carry those sprays with you and they are very portable and provides a long protection time and great to have when having barbecues and picnics
Awsome.product. didnt think I would.lik it but I did O love and will recommend it to everyone
OFF! Deep Woods Towelettes
I love Deep wood towelettes they are fell handled and it keep the bug off of you it really works
5 stars!!
Off gets 5 stars from me!! I live in the South where the bugs and mosquitos are horrific and this is what saves us all, allowing us to enjoy time outside.
Love this product
Living in nc we have mosquitoes the size of bats, I like this product. Works great!
We Keep These In Our Trailer At All Times
Simply put, these towelettes rock! They are so convenient and I love that you aren't put chemicals out into the air when you use them. They are very effective and if you have kids that are on the go, you can wipe them down and not worry about getting bug spray in their eyes (or mouth). We keep them in the trailer at all times.
Works great
Love these wipes for my family. We spent a lot of time outdoors and in the woods and they work great. Also much Easier to apply than the spray and it doesn’t leave you feeling wet like the spray.
Great bug spray alternative
These are phenomenal! I hate the feeling of bug spray. These are equally as effective as the spray but wipe on nicely without feeling sticky! Great product that I will continue to buy!
These are the perfect bug repellent for on the go. I always keep some on me in case the need arises! Just enough coverage in each little towelette!
Great product....
I used these wipes on a camping trip and they worked great! I like that they are wipes. I feel like I get better protection than with the spray.
Easy to apply bug "spray"
These wipes are great! My kids do not like the cloud of bug spray that comes out of the spray can. The wipes apply easily and prevent that overwhelming spray in the face feel of bottled bug spray. And, they repel those pesky mosquitos!
Summer Essentials
These work every time! City mosquitos or tropical mosquitos works on both!! Super convenient for packing and taking a while out and about in the summer. I always keep one or two stashed in my purse just in case I decide to dine an outside cafe late at night - prevents me from being eaten by the mosquitos.

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