4.7 5 0 72 72 Each towelette features a formula containing 25% DEET. The unique towelette design makes carrying them a quick and simple process--simply place them in the car or supply kit.
OFF! Deep Woods Towelettes
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The best
This is the only brand/line I use. Nothing else works for me. I have several insect allergies, and being outside in the summer becomes miserable. The towelettes are a game changer: application is simple and there's no worry of breathing in toxic fumes. BE AWARE: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS DDT (this is why it works so well)
Works Like It Says
I live in the mountains of Tn and we always have mosquitoes and ticks. I use this frequently and never have any issues with bites..
Love this product
Off Deep Wood Towelettes are wonderful. I use them on my whole family and feel so much better about it than spraying them with the spray that they get in their mouths and inhale into their lungs. These are easy to pack for camping or early evening outings and work perfectly.
I like it.
I like these, I like the ease of use. It works okay. I take these fishing and they don't keep the bugs off you for very long.
Tried and True
OFF! is a very trusted name brand. Their deep woods have plenty of DEET to keep the 'skeeters off you. I love the towelettes because they are easy to apply with just the right amount of product. They've even improved on the smell over the years. Will continue to solely purchase this brand. It is tried and true AND trusted.
Works and its easy
I keep this in my purse because I never know in east texas when mosquitos are gonna attack. It's great at repelling mosquitos. Plus i save the wipe and put it in my pocket or hat to help repell them more.
Easy for everyone
The convenience of the bug repellent wipes is ingenious. My kids hate the sound and stickiness of traditional sprays. Having a repellent in a wipe is great! It isn't stick nor does it have a pungent smell. Now, I'm looking forward to them making bigger packages with more wipes!
Trying to apply spray bug repellant on a three year old is hell. We foung these shopping for repellant one day and we picked these babies up. No more crying to apply bug spray and this mama thinks they are great too and uses them as well. They really work and I personally think that it works better than spray and doesnt leave your skin nasty or all wet and sticky.
we love this because the towels are so simple to use and they work very well we have alot of bugs that are in the counrty in our rural area aand this repells all of them and it works well and it doesnt dry our your skin and easy to sue
Muy bueno
Nos gusta acampar y siempre hay mosquitos pero con este producto es fácil olvidarme de los mosquitos. Lo uso mucho con mis niños y no les daña la piel. Me encanta
Deep woods Towelettes
Excellent product when you need the strongest protection. Easy to use and carry, these towelettes are a convenient way to keep yourself protected from ticks, mosquitoes and any pesky insects.
Lo recomiendo, excelente producto, no es tan graso. El olor algo fuerte, repela los mosquitos
I love this product. It really does work keeping away bugs and I don't gets bites anymore
MY11 yEar old son is constantly getting bit and itches non stop this product is more that perfect for that moment when he needs them the most
These are wonderful!!! I live in the south in farming country and the mosquitoes are terrible! I keep a fly swatter in each room so that I can go after the little blood suckers that come into my home! I hate spraying down with any type of bug spray - even OFF! - because of the strong odor and the "float" that happens when you use any type of spray. These towelettes make life so much easier to handle with bugs! I use one before I step foot into my back yard and it is like I have a barrier against bites!

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