4.5 5 0 168 168 Infused with rich in antioxidant green tea and refreshing lotus, this active fitness shampoo will help keep your hair feeling, looking, and smelling fresh while adding a healthy-looking shine, no sweat!
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Left My Hair Dry
I have tried a lot of shampoos, including this particular one shown. Prior to the Green Tea, I tried this brand in a different scent. My first experience was with their coconut scent, which left my hair feeling dry. I thought the green tea would give me the lift, volume and scent it promises. It, too left my hair feeling dry and brittle. Unfortunately, I returned this to the store. Not for me.
Great post workout
I actually enjoy using this particular shampoo after an intense workout because it's refreshing and helps to remove the excess oils and sweat from my scalp, would recommend this to all my workout buddies!
smells great
leaves hair smooth, soft and smelling great. the smell is awesome. the streaky cleanliness of the texture of your hair is beautiful doesnt change the texture.
The smell is great
I’ve bought this quite a few times! It never makes my hair super greasy or nasty feeling. It leaves my hair feeling healthy and shiny!
I love green tea
Lovely scent left my hair feeling soft and clean and smelling fresh
Smells wonderful
Wonderful smelling leaves hairsmooth but doesn't seem good for your hair..leaves it flat
It's amazing
This shampoo left my hair feeling extremely clean and made my scalp feel amazing.
Bug Repellent
Living in the South requires bug repellent. Anything with green tea in it saves having to cover yourself with old fashioned bug spray. We love it.
The best
Best best best best very wow great best everbest great
Feels great
I had a conditioner from them before and it was wonderful and healthy feeling to my hair so I had to get this and it is soft and non dry like shampoo is normally
To pricey
I like the shampoo but it is to expensive it's no better then Suave, the scent is to strong also! I wouldn't reccomend this shampoo unless you have big pockets
I love this shampoo. It leaves your hair looking so fresh and clean. And leaves your scalp feeling crisp.
My scalp feels so good!
I was looking for a product the clarifyed my scalp from build up without being left with icky dull looking hair. Although this product wasnt amazing it did a good job helping me get there and i used it along with its perfect conditioner and i just lived for that soothing smell and feel on my scalp
Great hair using Green Tea
My hair felt full, smelled great and looked even better. Great price for an equally great shampoo.
Bought for my dorm bound college student
I bought to stock up for my dorm bound college student. We ran out of shampoo so i raided her stash. I absolutely love this shampoo, didn’t dry out my hair and the scent is amazing! I had to 💳 her another bottle, as we used all of hers.

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