4.5 5 0 188 188 Infused with rich in antioxidant green tea and refreshing lotus, this active fitness shampoo will help keep your hair feeling, looking, and smelling fresh while adding a healthy-looking shine, no sweat!
OGX® Green Tea Fitness Shampoo
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it smelled funny but also thought it would help my hair get healthier but dried out my hair. i had no good outcomes and just threw the bottle away.
Wonderful product! Keeps my scalp clean and hair soft!
This hits the holy grail .The. Tea smell is lovely and it calms you my down a lot and I mix this shampoo with other OGX product and it works wonderful and I’ll use it often it smells sweet
This hsampoo might look smallbut it has laotof product and it reallt makesytour hair feel so healthy i use thi sone and the mriacleoil it worl!!
end of the frizzies
bought right before Christmas. like the smell of the green tea. It made my hair soft, tames down the frizzies. daughter and grandaughter really like it. they have wavy hair
I love this shampoo
I use their products all the time. This one I really like.
Great shampoo
I love the OGX brand shampoos,but the green tea was one of my favorites! I loved the smell and my hair was the softest I've ever felt,it didn't cause my hair to frizz like some shampoos do!
Great product
This shampoo is a great product and it’s very inexpensive. I love using it when I have split ended hair.
Refreshing as Green Tea Itself
I have always LOVED this brand of shampoos because they are the best for curly hair, in my humble opinion. I tried this the other day and it was so amazing. My hair felt really healthy and smooth for the first time in forever!
Cleansing, not nourishing
This shampoo is one I so wanted to love. It smells great and the concept of a post gym shampoo was great. I just found it too drying and couldn't get over how dry my hair felt after using it. Not a huge fan.
Not impressed
This product just isn’t for me. It left my hair feeling dry and unmanageable.
Love love love
This stuff is the absolute BOMB and I’m obsessed with it! It smells amazing, not overpowering-just right! It leaves my hair feeling so refreshed. I have been telling my family and friends about it and they’re falling in love too! I just went and bought more so I don’t run out anytime soon!!!
Clean hair
Definitely a deep cleaning for times when your hair is just dirty and oily. Use this as a weekly or bi-weekly shampoo to make your favorite one work like it did when you first used it .
Used it at a friend's. It did not make much foam. and hai felt grassy afterwards. had to use conditioner twice just to make my hair soft. Other that that I guess it cleaned my hair. I also did not like the smell.
Hubbys Favorite!!
This is awesome!! My husband found that he likes tea tree shampoo and conditioner and had bought it from a salon, which is very pricey. I found this and had him give it a try and now it’s his favorite!! Yay!!!

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