4.7 5 0 198 198 Creates sultry, touchably soft, tempting hair by softening the texture of hair strands.
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I've tried the Shiseido tsubaki shampoo and conditioner a few years ago and I would love to try this and see how well this product works on my hair.
I will love to try this product out it will be my first time using it.
As I have aged, my hair has done so too. It is no longer soft and silky as it once was. I would look forward to trying this shampoo and hopefully having that softness back again
like to try this. it might be better for my hair. i will try the product and let your com[any know if it is good or bad for my hair
I have tried 3 other OGX shampoo and conditioner products and love them. I have 3 feet of hair and need a great product. Interested in sampling this particular one.
I have tried Organix Argan Oil products but not this, I look forward to trying it very soon! Please choose me!
II've seen this product in the grocery store and. Beauty stores but nevered used it always wonder how good this product. Really is i would like to try. It
I want to have "sensually soft" hair as well! It sounds wonderful; a sensual showering experience that leaves you with a wonderful smell and soft tresses.
I have not tried this product before. The name of the product makes me think luxury product. The name of the scent sounds so wonderful.
This one of the shampoo that I have not tried. I like the fact that it has bamboo oil.
Have not tried this but looks like it is a good quality would love to try this great reviews
I haven't even heard of this brand before but Tsubaki blossom sounds like it would smell beautiful. Anxious to see how it does on my hair
I haven't tried this shampoo yet but, after reading the reviews when i go shopping this week it will be on my list.
I have not tried this product yet but would be happy to & then I will review it.. Thanks
I would love to try this out , wonder how the smell is and how it will make my hair feels.

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