4.9 5 0 455 455 Oh joy! Clorox Disinfecting Wipes is an all-purpose wipe that cleans and disinfects with antibacterial power killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Add a dash of charm to your home or office and get clean with the trusted power of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.
oh joy! Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
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fun for my car!
I love the design of these new wipes. I keep a bottle in my car to wipe down my phone, steering wheel, door handles etc after being out in public now with the virus. I also use them on my hands after getting back in my car after shopping. A necessity these days with the virus but also a fun container!
They're Clorox wipes, what's there no to like! These clean really well. I feel safe from the Corona Virus having these, i like to clean all of my surfaces with these especially door knobs, fridge handle ect..
Fav wipes!
I look for these bulk wipes anytime I run into Supercenters at Walmart/Sams club but they sell fast! They last a long time and are so great for quick clean-ups and disinfect quickly. I would highly recommend this brand for your cleaning needs!
Love it
I love all products of Clorox this stuff definitely comes in handy especially with active children
love it
This is perfect with the the virus going around and the price is fair.
I enjoy cleaning with Clorox wipes, I know they work. I just wish it was more of a secret , now they are flying off the shelves!
Disinfecting wipes
These disinfecting wipes are great. You can use them on almost anything. The smell is not overbearing and it's actually very pleasant.
This is such a great product to bring a little cheer into such a grim pandemic.
Deep cleaning household
I love these wipes, i use in kitchen bath and laundry room. My house not only smells cleaner, but also looks cleaner, and i am at ease that my home has a great deal of germs killed by using these wipes. I now use all the time
Love Clorox wipes! They clean and are good for just about every kind of mess! Food, pets, kids.
Love the packaging!
I only buy these when someone is sick in our house and I have to go crazy disinfecting everything. They work great, smell fresh and kill germs - so a great product. I love that they updated the packaging so you can leave it out and it will look pretty instead of making your house look like a hopsital
Nice product
Love these, super convenient to use. Clean up nicely and smell great.
Germ free
These are so needed to keep my family safe during these times. We wipe down everything everyday from doornobs, handles, remotes, and when we go out of the house. It keeps everything germ and virus free
Nice scent and really useful
I just always have to have some at home. Not only because of the current situation and the pandemic. It is useful for cleaning up places where lots of bacteria are expected to be found. I use it for the bathroom and my car. The scent are great and there is variety.
Great wipes
These wipes are excellent and I highly recommend the Clorox brand because they always bring perfect quality and you can trust that they clean and disinfect surfaces very well. I would highly recommend this to anyone of my friends and family.

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